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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Holiday Knitting

No, do not panic.  Do not let this blog title fool you.  This is not a post about "OMG Christmas is only ## days away and you have not knit a damn thing yet!"  This is not that.  This is me telling you what I knit on vacation!

Yes- I did actually knit on my vacation.  This is somewhat a miracle as usually I pack more knitting than I ever needed to begin with and then promptly ignore it all vacation.  I actually got a few things done this time!


The baby blanket is OFF the needles... sadly I need to weave in about a bajillion ends.  Who would like to volunteer to do that for me?  (Don't all shout at once now....)

I really hate weaving in ends.  I really hate it.  I really also want to get this done so I can just move on without any guilt so I imagine in the next few days this will enter the finished pile.  This project did a great job of cleaning out the bobs and bits of color I was using.  This is all that remains!

I also managed (thanks to Bob the Builder!) knit on the plane!  Since I needed the knitting to be simple to pick up and put down, I opted for hats.  BEHOLD- 2 more hats for charity.  And good lord, there are probably still 4 more hats left in that giant ball!  (I am already promising myself less hats to knit next year!)

Since that's all I really have to show you right now, I also thought I'd give you a glimpse at what a great time we had this last week.  It was the perfect end to an absolutely lovely summer.


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