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Friday, December 4, 2015

Into the Belly of the Whale...

Let's cut to the chase... progress on the shark is going swimmingly.


I just did a little color fastness test on the various colors to make sure when it comes time to washing this puppy I won't run into a sea of regret.  (I have learned the hard way too often that NOT checking this in advance can be a painful lesson.)


Now that I have read the whole pattern I was able to take off and really get running on it.


The main body is knit and now I'm adding the details.  I'm really REALLY impressed with Kari's pattern here.  It's so clever!  Plus, knitting with bulky yarn is super fun because you can actually see your progress.

This is the last picture of this project now until I gift it- but I'm hoping that it will be in the finished pile soon so all I need to do is knit a sock.  I can knit a sock fairly quickly.  As long as I have 7 or so days I think I can get it cased and so far I'm tracking to be on that pace.  (SO. FAR.)

I might be a little slower these days because the coloring thing also seems to be happening frequently.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

It's just so SATISTFYING to fill a whole page and see the outcome.  I've been knitting more than I've been coloring but sneaking in a few coloring moments here and there too.

Other than that- we're just prepping for Christmas here and gettting excited about a certain someone's potential visit.



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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Sitting on Santa's knee. Big change from a year ago.