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Monday, December 14, 2015

Second Sock Suckies

The shark is finished.  I'm not posting photos of it in case the intended recipient gets spoiled.  However, those of you on Ravelry can enjoy many photos that I took of the finished project.  I'll post the details once the gift is unwrapped.  I am so relieved it's done.  That was a lot of stocking stitch to knit!

As I mentioned before- I just had a sock set to finish.


On the upside the leg knit fast.  In fact, delightfully fast.  But now- I'm deep DEEEEP in throes of second sock syndrome.  I could not want to knit anything less than the half a sock I have to knit.  I didn't like where I ended up on the heel and so ended up ripped out the entire heel after I knit the whole thing last night.  It seems whenever I make a mistake my "mojo" just evaporates.  *POOF* this project made me think hard/made me feel dumb... I don't want to knit you.

It also appears that *someone* would prefer it if they were his socks....


[In general the cats are proving to be handknit fans... they love the blanket MiL knit for my son.  (His beloved "cold blankey".)]


I will finish the sock.  I will.  No.  REALLY.  I will.  I WILL FINISH THESE.  But I wonder if part of my distraction comes from the fact that I'm looking at a busy knitting year coming up.  I won't add them to the list now- but I have FIVE baby hat/bootie sets to knit by the end of spring.  FIVE.  Plus there are 3 baby blankets that are also going to need to be done.  In general- I'm going to be BUSY BUSY. *

Anyways- enough whining about the socks... back to the grind.  To leave you on a happier note- I give you Parker's return to skating this past weekend.  ("I'm making ice angels mommy!")


* do you like how I'm complaining about things I'm making myself do?  I must like to torment myself...

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