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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ennui Strikes Again

Last week it was ALL MOMENTUM.... this week it's been a fight to just meet the goal.

The goal is met... but I'm having a tough time moving forward.  GUYS- I'm SO. OVER. this blanket pattern.  I'm ready for something new and exciting... which isn't great given there is still half to knit.

I finished the hat, except for seaming the ears on...


But on the upside I've also started the booties- mostly because I just don't want to knit the blanket right now.

Sadly I've knit so many of these I feel the same kind of ennui for the booties too BUT I'd like to give this set to the mom at school on Monday, so I need to drive forward on this.

And yes, I did reach the half way point on the blanket but I just can't seem to get myself  to knit the rest.


It doesn't help that it's been busy around here on the non-knitting front.  I feel like I'm running every day (because I am) to a different event for this guy.  (But at least we're improving..)


AND- the high maintenance cats are slightly more high maintenance this week thanks to a "very special operation" that only Bob Barker feels good about.  (I feel badly... but they are fine.)


Knitting time feels harder and harder to squeak out right now.  It happens but it feels like the time I get I have to fight so hard to make any progress.  SO, because despite the ennui I was able to get it mostly sorted... this week's goal:

1) Finish the hat and bootie set

2) Get 5 repeats done on the blanket.  5 is reasonable self.  You can do 5.  You got this.  Really.  YOU. CAN. DO. IT.  (so do it!)

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