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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Vacation

The indecision on socks should have been a give away, but our annual sojurn out to Maui to get some much needed Vitamin D just finished up and hence my little absence.  Fear not!  Actual knitting was done on the vacation, and thankfully NOT because the weather was crap.  (It wasn't.  I can't remember a time with better weather!)

I packed ambitiously on this trip.  In fact, other years I have taken knitting and not even knit a stitch.  I took not 1, but TWO socks to work on and both saw progress!  It helps that I also packed along my Mother in Law and she's a good knitting influence on me.  We made sure to always knit with a view...


But let's talk about WHAT I knit... shall we?

Untitled Untitled

Love and Liquor is a bit of a brain bender, (especially for me, a devoted TOP DOWN sock knitter)-but it's looking more and more like the pattern.  (Although I'm going to rip out the kitchner and attempt again... I'm not happy.)  This sock is going to be a show stopper.  Also- bonus?  WOLLMEISE!

Hermoine's socks are also looking well progressed- although I'm currently living the fear of running out of yarn.  Damn you delightful but short in yardage Koigu!


Unlike where I usually lament the over-ambition in my packing, I'm actually glad I brought two projects.  Mostly because for some reason I can't stay up past 9:00 pm in Maui out of pure exhaustion.  And, the ability to work on something very easy was mostly appreciated in those "late night" knitting sessions.  As noted, Love and Liquor is going to look amazing but it requires my focus and attention and when I need easy I can switch up to the Hermoine's socks, which looks great but is also much more "traditional easy sock".

Honestly... it's just fun to work on something that isn't an enormous blanket! (Although that has to kick in again soon as another baby is due in June.)

I'm surprised I made as much progress as I did, to be honest, but it does help that my child is more able to entertain himself (thank you STEVE JOBS) and let mommy enjoy a little airplane knitting time.  But I'm also surprised I got as much in when we were so busy!

Constructing sand castles...


Digging enomouse holes (my kid LOVES the beach)...




Deep sea diving on a submarine...


Climbing volcanoes...


Or just "chillaxing"...


We had an amazing vacation- and I'm so glad we got to go.  (Especially since it meant I also got to knit some smaller things for a bit!)  I'm going to try and knock both of these projects out by mid April (ambitious much?) and I'm sure we'll talk "next projects" soon!

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