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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Well- I went a day past my original plan on having these done.  BUT the good news is that they are done AND the babies are out in this world and most of all I CAN KNIT THINGS THAT ARE NOT BLANKETS!  (hurrah!)


Pattern: Mosaic Blanket by Purl Soho
Yarn: Red Heart Soft Baby Steps in "White" and "Baby Pink"
Needles: US 8
Notes: I added a thin border throughout just because I felt like it needed it.  (4 rows on the bottom and 3 stitches on either side, which yes, necessitated an extra ball, but I felt it was worth it.)

Untitled Untitled

This is an excellent pattern to cut your teeth on mosaic knitting.  The pattern is simple and intuitive and, in my case, knit up quickly.  I loved the idea of reversing the colors on each one so that that they are twins but also distinctive in their differences.

Untitled Untitled

These are lovely and I'll likely knit this again if I need a quick knit but for now I'm happy to move on to bigger and more importantly, DIFFERENT things.  (I usually get blanket ennui midway through ONE... thankfully the ennui hit midway through #2.)

I celebrated by casting on something new.


Last post I couldn't decide between a number of projects but I was able to focus and decided on Hermoine's Everyday socks.


Lest you give me too much credit I actually decided to work on TWO pairs of socks, and Love and Liquor should be cast on tonight.  L&L is considerably harder and requires much brain power.  When I can't give it my full attention I'll switch to the considerably simpler Hermoine's.

I also managed to squeak out a charity section on a blanket that showed up last week.  The blanket's theme was from Monster's University- and so of course I had to knit a "Sully" section... mostly because I have the best family photo from Disneyland with that character.


Untitled Untitled

And that folks leaves us here- new beginnings and new things to talk about.  Hopefully some smooth sailing on the knitting front ahead!

PS- I thought I should also add the cats are back to normal and very happy to be living a cone free existence again!


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Unknown said...

Hi, I love your blankets! I like the borders, too. I think they add a lot. My question is, how do you carry the pink yarn up the sides when you add a garter stitch border?