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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Let's Talk About My Yarn!

Happy New Year!  As predicted, the flurry of the Christmas season caught up with me and I had a difficult time carving enough space out for blog posts... let alone anything else.  Also, if I'm being really honest here... I am in a pretty nasty knitting slump.

Maybe it's because I'm creating my own pattern and there are just nights "I don't wanna".  Or maybe it's because there have been other stressful factors lately and I just find myself unable to motivate to do anything other than "get thru it", I'm not sure.  I do know that this is probably one of the longest stretches of "knitting slump" I've been in and that I'm not sure I'm entirely past it.  The good news is that I'm tired of being in it.  I actually miss knitting.  I can't bring myself to actually KNIT- but I miss the process and the excitement of starting something new.

I noticed on Ravelry this am that people were "flashing their stash" to start the new year.  I haven't  participated in that in quite awhile and I decided to take advantage of a bright morning in my living room and snap some photos of my stash.  I also hoped that it would inspire me a little to be reminded about what's in there and maybe, just maybe, excite me about a new project.

Let's dive in- here is what's in my stash on January 1, 2017.  (I've broken it down into sections- in the effort to get me more organized.)  Maybe we can set some knitting goals here too...



This is actually quite a bit smaller than it has been in other years.  The truth is for a non-knitter, sometimes an acylic blanket is soft and just what they want.  I'm not going to feel badly about that.  My goal here is to get those "Pound of Love" skeins (large pink & white skeins) out of my stash.  I'd like to knit other variations on the "Baby Heart Blanket" that I've knit twice already.  The other skeins can be for the oddball group if I feel so inspired... but for now- those big skeins need to go.



This is where this exercise comes in handy... because I was all "WHAT- WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH COTTON!?"  This stash is made up of so many leftovers and it's time to whittle it down.  And so, with that in mind- the goal is to knit 3- yes THREE dish clothes this year.  Doesn't matter what I make... I just have to make 'em.



This actually isn't that bad.  The only goal here is remember I have this stash in case I need to knit a baby blanket.  (Looking at you GREY ROWAN YARN.)  Someday I'd like to knit a large afghan with that purple stuff, but I'm not ready to commit to that this year... so as long as this stash doesn't GROW... I'm happy.)



GAH... this is out of control and I don't know even where to start here.  That giant yarn skein was a sweater I had started... and then abandoned.  I might pick it back up again, but I feel my commitment waning on that idea.  I need to remember the Red/Navy Mission Hill yarns in here when it comes time to knit blankets.  The only goal I can wrap my head around here is to knit SOMETHING by June out of this stash.  Something.  Anything.  JUST GET IT OUT OF HERE.



Oh Lord.  WHAT HAVE I DONE!?  I didn't know I had gotten so carried away on Knit Picks Felici until I did this project.


Goal #1- NO MORE BUYING FELICI until at least FOUR BALLS are knit up.  (This will be hard- Phyllis I expect you to be very strict with me on this.)  Goal #2- KNIT 2 PLAIN/RELATIVELY PLAIN socks from the Felici this year.  Beyond that, I love that purple gradiant kit a WHOLE bunch... and I need to devise a plan, at some point that maximizes the beauty of that.  Plus the Wollmeise... which is languishing.... and needs some love.  But I try to set realistic goals.... 2 Felici socks this year... OR ELSE.



Okay- this isn't bad, like at all.  But the fact that I have started/stopped/restarted/restopped/restarted/stopped various lace projects with this one skein... I'm a disaster.  I need to knit a lace shawl.  If I ever want to win a "First overall" at Stampede, I need to be able to knit a kick ass shawl.  I need to learn this.  I need to do this... but I'm going to let this languish a little bit for at least another year...

LEFTOVERS.... Which I have broken down into 2 additional categories...



So. MUCH. STUFF.  The problem here is mittens.  Mittens rarely take up a whole skein and leave me with a bunch of leftovers.  The good news is that Parker is likely going to pass Kindergarten and therefore I will need to knit at least ONE pair of mittens for a new teacher for Christmas this new year.  I vow to knit those using something from here.  I also need to get around to making a "leftover blanket" from this... and so let's add that to the goals too.



This isn't ugly.  This is actually manageable.  Dear little stash, don't expand in size.  That is your only job this year!  Don't get bigger.

So that's where I'm at.  I did find going through this stash VERY helpful and cathartic.  In fact I did derive some inspiration and will hopefully be casting on very soon for something NEW! AND! EXCITING!

So.... let's review the goals here:

1) "Pound of Love" acrylic Blanket(s) - skeins need to be gone.
2) 3 Dishcloths
3) Knit something, ANYTHING from the DK/Sport Weight stash
4) Knit 2 Pairs of Felici Socks.  TWO.
5) Knit 1 pair of mittens from "leftovers" box
6) Fingering leftover blanket

I'll be checking in on these throughout the year, but hopefully this will keep me on track, get the stash down further and BONUS- bring back the knitting mojo with some new challenges.

There is more to say about what is currently on the needles- but it is far from interesting.  I'll report back on that soon, hopefully with something interesting.  In the mean time, with the holidays winding down, lets enjoy getting back into the routine and, god willing, more regular blog posts.

Let's do this 2017!

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Anonymous said...

That grey dk would make a very useful cardigan, something simple, or a very simple lace stitch. Big and swingy!
Anne B.