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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Return of the Mojo

Well... it seems that little undesired knitting sabbatical I was on has come to an end.  I WANT TO KNIT ALL THE THINGS.  ALL OF THEM.  NOW.  My desire to work through the stash has me desiring to keep whipping things off the needles... which bodes well for current projects.

(I try to keep myself to 1, sometimes 2 "in progress" projects at a time.  I find if I have too many unfinished things on the needles I get stressed out.  Since this is technically supposed to be something I enjoy doing {most days} it's best to not stress me out.  Hence you don't often see more than 1 or 2 things going at a time around here.)

I'm loving the latest little scrappy blanket.


Simple and knits up fast, although I am worried that it might be a bit short in length.  It's always hard to say.  I cast on 220 stitches, but the SK2tog, PSSO might be "scrunching" it up a bit.  Same little rules as always- after a full round of color repeat, I need to weave in the ends, so that I don't feel suicidal at the end of the blanket.  My hate for end weaving in knows no limits.  I will admit I have some concerns about having enough to be consistent in my color changes, but I'll worry about that as it comes.

Getting Parker back into his routine has meant 2 things... his activities allow me more "portable project" time and more time to knit in general while he's at school.  The socks have been seeing this benefit lately...


Remember I want to knit TWO more simple socks this year... so these need to get done.

This is all well and good- my desire to sit and knit is back and I'm doing just that... but my Knitting ADD has also returned and I find myself with all kinds of desires to knit all kinds of things.  And so, because I always need to remind myself, knitting is FUN, I'm allowed a little "side" project once these two other projects are off the needles... before getting back to the "to do" list.

Okay- must finish this up and take advantage of my child-free knitting hours!!

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