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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Positive Momentum

I knew it!  I knew it!  Last week's little project in updating myself on the stash situation and setting some specific goals regarding gettting stuff out WORKED.  That seemed to be just the "kick" I needed and this week we have seen KNITTING progress.  YES.  ACTUAL. KNITTING PROGRESS.  Mojo may have returned!

I decided to just get one of those dish cloths out of the way right away...


Pattern: Ballband Dishcloth by Peaches and Cream Design Team
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton**
Needles: US 7
Notes: I'm not sure anything new could be said about this pattern- it's the bees knees!  I love it.  I'll likely knit 2 more of these.  There are so many colorful options to be had and it always looks smart when it's done.

I also worked on the travel sock for a bit just to keep that going and I ended up actually finishing the first sock.  (I took a picture before that... so this will have to suffice.)


I even cast on sock #2 just to keep momentum going in a positive way!

AND- I put together a grouping of sock leftovers and even cast on another little leftover sock yarn blanket!



HOLY PRODUCTIVITY BATMAN!  It feels good to be knitting again!

So now that you're updated about what's on my needles I need to show you what my husband arranged for me for my birthday this last week....

WOLLMEISE CAKE!  And oh people... it was yum.


(No... none of us understand why they didn't center the picture... but the cake was delicious!)

OH and look at my Christmas gift from my Mother in Law!



How did I not know about a knitting coloring book!?  Yeesh!  I'm out of touch!  (Can't wait to color in it...  (I love that it has KITTIES and Yarn!)

January is off to a good start...  hoping to continue with positive momentum.

**I'm not even going to link to this yarn because it is terrible!  While cotton in general isn't usually "fun" to knit with, this stuff is scented.  WHO DECIDED THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA!?  I had a headache like 4 rows into this thing!  It is TERRIBLE and I will never buy it again.  UGH.  Scented yarn is such a bad idea.

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