It has been since I last bought yarn!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Socks For Grandma!

Pretty aren't they? The socks for Grandma are finally done and, if I do say so myself, they look pretty awesome.

Pattern: Stansfield 304 from More Sensational Knit Socks
Yarn: Koigu (slobber)
Needles: US Size 2
Thoughts: I will admit that the foot for these socks are a bit big, although I'm going on the assumption that grandma's feet are going to be bigger than mine so it won't be a problem, but if I was knitting them for myself again, I'd probably modify the pattern to make the foot smaller.

The pattern was fun and different and in general, these were very pleasant to knit. I don't have much to say... so enjoy the new! exciting! socks! in all their finished glory! (That was quick huh?)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Like A Kid on Christmas Eve...

Well… I finally took the plunge and bought the yarn.

I had a lot harder time trying to decide what to order than I thought I would. It’s weird, when I’m in a yarn shop and don’t have a particular project in mind, I seem to have no problem dropping the cash for yarn to stash for later. BUT, when I have a particular project that I’m dying to knit, I find it really hard to commit to a fiber to knit it with.

This is the case with IK’s Tilted Duster. Yes, after all the obsessing I’m finally just going to suck it up and make it! I know yesterday I had mentioned this and even had offered the color possibilities, but I just couldn’t commit.

The problem is that I’m inexperienced with the yarn the pattern recommends. The pattern recommends Berocco “Peruvia”, which is fine and dandy, except I couldn’t find a store that carried it so that I could actually feel it. NOR, could I find a review or a blog where someone says anything about it. I also explored many other options… I heard great things about Valley Yarns “Berkshire”, (I worried that the fibers would “shed” since there’s alpaca in it), and considered both the Knit Picks and Elann’s more budget friendly options. I scoured the internet leaving comments on various knitting related “boards” asking anyone to tell me about the softness of the yarn I was considering.

I was supposed to just suck it up and buy, but instead spent three days scouring every knitting related site I could find doing “research”. Thank god, by the way, for Ravelry. Being able to see projects others are making and the yarn they are using for a particular project is so freakin’ smart I wish I thought of it. I have spent hours, upon HOURS on this little site and it continues to blow my mind with how awesome it is. I *heart* Ravelry so much that it’s bordering on inappropriate.

Anyways, I’ve finally committed. I’m knitting the sweater in Cascade’s “Eco Plus” and went in an entirely different direction and ordered the Red (0507) color. The review was downright glowing over at Knitter’s Review, and those who are using it seem to say great things. I ordered from WEBS and I'm interested to see how their shipping to Canada works (I haven't heard very promising things unfortunately). I miss being so close for my yarn fix, I usually got my Webs order the next day, this whole "wait for it patiently" thing is kind of new for me. Cross your fingers and watch this space for a new! exciting! sweater! on the needles soon (hopefully).

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hat Sunday Continues!

Yup... more hats. When I declare something, I stick to it! These are yesterday's additions to "Hat Sunday Project", where, in case you forgot, I knit baby hats for charity. I celebrated hat Sunday with the MiL, who also observes the holiday, and she also knit a very cute pink hat.

Progress on the Stansfield socks continues to move along swimingly, although slightly delayed now that I find my days occupied by a mundane temp job. However, to reward myself for doing the mundane temp job, I'm BUYING THE YARN to make the "Tilted Duster" (purple sweater on the cover of IK) and I'm so psyched. I can't decide whether to order Ecological Wool (in 8018) or Peruvia (in gris claro or grano)- feel free to voice your thoughts here. (I've tried to make commenting available for all... so please try!)

I can't wait to start a big project soon. Wheeeee!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crisis Averted

I had enough yarn. The sock is done. I'm safe.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Revenge of the Yarn

This always seems to happen when I knit socks. I move along until I get to the heel decreases and then I'm struck by a paralyzing fear, "will I run out of yarn?". I'm knitting the new! exciting! sock! and sure enough, I'm at the heel and I'm looking at the yarn and worrying that I'm not going to have enough.

I suppose this is the curse of knitting socks from the top down. When you knit them toe up, you can decide how long to make the leg according to the amount of yarn you have left. Knitting from the top down, you run the risk of running out of yarn.

Not that I've ever run out of yarn. In fact I've been lucky enough to have ample left overs, but still the fear runs deep within my veins, taunting me. I suppose the fear is good, the minute I stop worrying is the moment I actually DO run out of yarn. But now I'm torn, finish the sock with the chance that I may get to the toe decreases and discover I need to rip the ENTIRE SOCK BACK in order to shorten the leg to have enough yarn, or stop now, at the heel and shorten the leg on the off chance that I could be right and I will in fact run out of yarn.

*sigh* what to do?

I think I'm going to take the risk and live with the anxiety or running out. And trust me... you'll hear if I run out. The loud screaming in agony heard within 9,000 miles of Calgary will be me. Just so you know.

Okay... going to try and get through. If you're not doing anything else this evening, can you cross your fingers for me?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hat Sunday and an End to Tedium

Hat Sunday continues to be a success! The hat on top is actually from last week, but the cute stripey ones are products of yesterday. Next week I'm going to have to go on a boys hat binge to even out the girls hat. (I love the white and pink small stripe combo so much that my next baby blanket is going to be in those colors.)

As if cute baby hats weren't enough... I also finished the Spiral Eyelet Socks, (or as I had been referring to them, "The socks of enormous tedium").

Pattern: Spiral Eyelet Socks
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (Baby Stripe)
Needles Size: US size 2
Thoughts on the Pattern: While the final results were cute and the socks look good, I wasn't thrilled with the pattern. Like I've said in previous posts, I don't know what was wrong with me but I couldn't make progress, I'd get so far, and then BOOM have to tink back to the error I had made. I did this AGAIN and AGAIN. On the upside, they did turn out lovely and I'm quite pleased with the final product.

How come I finally sucked it up and got these stupid socks done? I'm dying to buy new yarn. I'm really, REALLY weak. I'm trying to adhere to the "yarn diet" until September, but I am soooo close to blowing it. After trying to get the husband to agree to my need for more yarn, (this is how weak I am, I tried a completely useless route), I 've had to make peace with my current stash and accept that it needs to get smaller. My need to shrink the stash ASAP, (in order to make room for new stash), was all the moitvation I needed to get these socks done and cast on a new one.

Viola... I give you the NEW! EXCITING! SOCK! I'm using Koigu (slobber) and the pattern is complicated enough so far to keep me engaged. These socks are planned for my grandmother for Christmas, but it never hurts to start Christmas knitting now.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Inspiration Strikes- The Yarn Diet Hurts

It's been pretty quiet around here lately. The radio silence is mostly due to the move into my Condo (SQUEE!!) but also due to my rather "blah" feeling about knitting anything lately. Perhaps it's just because I've knit too many socks recently, or I've all but given up on the Nennie Sweater design, or that my spiral eyelet socks cause me more grief than joy, but I've been unmotivated to knit. I DID knit a hat on Sunday, that little project is still like "knitting crack" for me, but I'm really ready for something to sink my teeth into. Something that takes a little time, something that I can wear when it's finished.
Enter motivation.

No, I did not go on a book buying spree, my MiL got a whole bunch of books from the library that I had been wanting to check out. (Note to family: Mason Dixon and Baby Knits may now appear on the Christmas list... and I know where you can get a copy of Baby Knits, in mint condition used for a lot less.) What I love about getting these books from the library is that I can really spend some quality time in them before I decide they need to be apart of MY knitting library. The baby knits has an aboslutely complex and gorgeous alphabet baby blanket that I am feeling rather compelled to knit, although I'm thinking it could turn into the "More Than I Could Chew Part 2" project. (And therefore increases the liklihood that I won't be able to give it away.)

Then today, needing a little outing and feeling like a yarn shop was in order, I walked over to Pudding Yarns, (FOUR GLORIOUS, and short, BLOCKS AWAY), and got my grubby little paws on the new Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting issues for fall. And then, out of NO WHERE... I'M DESPERATE to start a project from them.

DESPERATE. Like maybe contemplating an online yarn order right now. Like maybe have the credit card out and trying to give myself 20 minutes to really think this through before I totally buy more yarn.

See for yourself:

Cabled cardigans! And that purple coat is BEGGING me to knit it. (That may or not be on the needles soon, depending on my online shopping....) I went from knitting "blah" to knitting "HOLY CRAP I MUST MAKE THAT NOW OR I MAY POSSIBLY DIE TRYING TO LIVE WITHOUT OUT IT". Interweave especially is loaded with at least FIVE sweaters I want to make. FIVE. I regularly buy a magazine if they have one pattern I like, but FIVE!? I am so motivated to knit RIGHT NOW that I think I might have to lie down, just to get over the excitment a little.