It has been since I last bought yarn!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Heating Up

Things have been heating up over here as I've managed to finally get those Love & Liquor socks off the needles!  

Untitled Untitled

Pattern: Love and Liquor by General Hogbuffer
Yarn: *swoon* Rhorspatz & WOLLMEISE "pure" 100% Merino Superwash in "VAMP".  (I'm not going to even attempt to link it- it's too hard to get!)
Needles: US 1
Notes: I didn't knit these on 2 circulars as suggested in the pattern, instead I used 5 DPNs.  This pattern was EXTREMELY... extremely well written and really holds your hand through the various steps.  It looks (and sounds!) challenging but once you get into the meat of the pattern it's actually not too hard.


It's been a long time where I've just been WOWED by my knitting.  But I am proud of myself for these.  I need to show you the back of the heel.  The heel construction is VERY different on this and you actually kitchner stitch the seam together before picking up and knitting the leg.  LOOK at this kitchner stitching.... IT IS ART!


I really enjoyed knitting these, even though I entered with a considerable amount of trepidation, I am glad I sunk my teeth into it.  Also I really enjoyed new techniques and the unsual construction of this sock.  In general, I am VERY happy with these and it reminds me that taking on a challenge is often worth it in the end!

Finishing these has forced me to get serious about the next two deadlines.  I need to fire on all cylinders here and get two projects done by the end of June.  (which EEK- isn't that far away!)

I want to knit a pair of music mittens for Parker's music teacher.  I had originally wanted to design the pattern but reality set in and I realized I just didn't have the time to devote to a design.  That's not to say I could just leave "well enough" alone though.... I am in modify mode on a lovely pattern.


I've also finalized my blanket plan for the next baby due in June.  (It never ends.)  And I'm excited to get into that pattern also- although it will require a yarn purchase, so we'll discuss it at a later date.

Here we go- knitting progress is heating up again!

Monday, April 11, 2016

2 Socks, No Pairs


Well, on the upside I have completed TWO socks, just not a pair.  On the downside I'm not going to have two PAIRS done by Friday.  (original goal)  They DO look smashing though, don't they?


I've decided to put those lovely Hermoine socks away for a bit and save them for when my next travel dates occur.  They're the perfect kind of travel knitting, easy to set down and pick up again.


I decided Love and Liquor needed to be done (they are so beautiful!) but I sort of kept procrastinating casting on the toe.  Not to worry, I finally did, and now I can jump right into the second sock and hopefully (maybe) have that set finished by Friday.  (dream big!)  I did, as predicted in my last blog post, rip out the kitchner and I'm so very glad I did.  I did a much better job this time and these really do look quite awesome.

L&L has been a great project for me, as it's forced me to try (or in some cases retry) a bunch of techniques I don't normally get to work on.  I always enjoy (but also find frustrating sometimes) new techniques and this project is rife with them.  Whether it's toe-up (Judy's Magic Cast On!), a very different heel decrease, kitchner stitch and Elizabeth's Zimmerman's sewn bind off, I'm really stetching outside my knitting box and it feels good.

I will admit that progress has been lighter than hoped because I opened up my coloring book and got sucked into that again.



I've completed two pages since I've been home from Maui and I'm working on #3, and I'm quite enamored with it.  (I realize I spent my last blog lamenting my lack of knitting time so one would wonder why I'm choosing to use the spare time to color, and GAH- I don't know.  I am a walking contradiction.)

Hopefully this week I'll finish page #3 and then I can dive nose first back into the knitting.  Likely a pair of pretty mittens will be "on deck" along with a blanket, so stay tuned... progress should keep moving along.