It has been since I last bought yarn!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Missing Mojo Part 15,984

Spring is sprung...
The grass is ris'...

Oops.  May 13 and this is my first May post!  Sorry guys!

This seems to happen around the same time every year.  Spring comes and around and shines it's lovely sunshine rays down and my brain goes "I cannot. knit. another. stitch."  This inconviently happens, it seems, everytime I have actual knitting deadlines to meet or when I'm in thick of a project and it starts to lose some of it's "hey this is new and fun and challenging and exciting and woo!" shine.

Gentle reader, I have to admit, there have been several days in the last 2 weeks when I haven't even touched my knitting.  *gasp* *clutches pearls in terror*  I've been distracted getting my backyard bloomin' (and spending too much time covering it up every night because it keeps getting too cold! grrrr) and cleaning up my house to really sit down and focus on knitting.

That's not to say that there hasn't been any progress, it's just, not the usual "look how productive I've been" pace you've become use to from me.

The mystery mittens are shaping up well (and even fit the right sized hands!) and I'm on track, (if I get my mojo back) to finish them for the end of June.


Got any ideas on what theme I went with this year?  Here's another spoiler shot....


Sadly my husband, who's June birthday these were intended for, accidently ruined himself on the surprise when he was syncing up my iphone and saw pictures.  I'm disappointed that my attempt to go covert was ruined but I'm hoping that maybe he'll try to stay away from all of the surprises and still have something unexpected to look forward to for his birthday.  *ahem* HINT *ahem*

The blanket pace is looking rather bleak....


So you have reference for it- here's a pic of what it looked like the last time I posted a blog post...


YIKES.  Not much.  I need to finish the mittens and kick into high gear on this project.  The one small kudos I can give myself is that I have stayed on top of the end weaving in and it won't be horribly overwhelming when I do finish this project.

I'll try to be better.  I'll try to ramp up the progress here and make this an interesting blog again- but until then you'll have to endure my little lapse of ennui until I can really start grinding out stitches again.  Until then- happy SPRING and enjoy the sun, I know I have!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

In the Thick Of It

And now, it's that time in the projects where you're just in the thick of it, chipping away at your project row by row.  There isn't much to say when you're in the thick of it, you're just busy knitting.  You're not at the start anymore, but you're not where near the end either and and so I'll let do the pictures do the talking for me.

On the blanket, the first color pattern is down.


Purple is my favorite color so I'm so glad the general consensus on this was to do it in purples.  It looks cute and girly but it's also a refreshing change from pastel pink.  I've made a rule that I must weave in the ends after each 4 stripes of color, otherwise I'm going to be crying at the end with the amound of ends to weave in.  (There will be many)  The pattern is quite simple and this should knit up reasonably fast.  (And so far, it has proven to be excellent playoff knitting because I'm paying a lot more attention to the game than the actual knitting.  GO FLAMES.)

My mystery project is also trucking along in it's "meaty" stage.


I guess I can reveal that it's another set of mittens since that is fairly obvious now.  I'll try to keep the pictures vague but OH MAN I'm excited about seeing it take shape.  I keep worrying about the placement of the thumb and the length of the hand, but I've already told myself I'm well enough ahead on this project that ripping it back will not be the end of the world.  (BUT OH MY would it ever suck.)

So there you have it- there isn't much to say since there's a lot more to do.  My May goal is to finish the mittens and get well into the blanket.  Let's see what happens.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

So Much Happening!

Gah!  I don't even know where to begin- but there is a LOT going on, on the needles over here.

Firstly- I present to you... THE LAST HAT.


That brings the grand total to 18 hats for charity this year!  And I'm glad this project finished when it did because I JUST started to think to myself, "I'm sort of sick of hats..." This is a lovely colorful bunch that will keep 18 babies heads' warm.

Not a bad little stash buster- this is all I had left- which I couldn't get another hat out of.  (I tried!)

Charity work is far from over because... OMG the worsted weight acrylic stash is out of hand!

More WCOBB blanket sign ups for me!  Speaking of WCOBB- I got 2 blanket sections done this month.

Plum Pudding:


Star Wars:

It's not a secret that I LOVE Star Wars so when that blanket came up I HAD to be apart of it.  I had so much fun knitting (and designing) my section...


I'm inspired to possibly start another one.  OR, even go further and design a whole blanket in that theme.  (I have so many ideas!!)  Either way it was fun and it got the creative juices flowing.

Thankfully the creative juices began flowing just in time for me to cast on the mystery Stampede project!


I've already ripped it back 20 rows and had to get going again.  The good news is now I'm in a  bit of a "zone" and I've devoted some time to get it going.  I do have a bit of a concern that I will need to test this weekend on someone- but I need to get further before I can test my concern out.  (I'm already mentally preparing to rip out more rows... *sigh*)

NOTE TO SELF- next project design should not be a secret from the person who's body you could easily use to measure things on.

AND- because I'm an over achiever (and out of mindless projects) I procured the yarn for the baby blankets and cast it on.

As you can see, PURPLE was the big winner in my little poll.

This project is one of those "looks harder than it is" deal-ios and will be great for TV (and playoff {GO FLAMES}) knitting.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Checking In

As discussed in my last blog post- I had finally decided on some April goals to achieve.. let's check in... shall we?

1) Finish charting the pattern for my next Stampede Mystery Project by April 15

I AM SO CLOSE guys.  So close.  I should finish it today at Parker's nap time.  All that remains is to figure out how I'm going to do a small border on one part.  In the last 2 days things have really come together and I'm so excited to cast on.  Since this is a surprise for my husband, I can't knit on it while he's home, so I'll need to make the most out of preschool/naptimes.  BUT I'm on track to start this, well before I had started last year.  PROGRESS.  My goal is to start knitting on Friday, even if it's just a little bit done.

2) Select a pattern and buy the yarn for the next baby blanket

Funny story on this one.  I had selected a pattern and procured yarn and all was well and good and then we found out that baby is a GIRL and I decided everything I had selected was wrong.  I had originally selected "Jackson's Blanket" and bought the yarn to go with it....


.... but it just doesn't feel "right" now.  And so I'm going in another direction with THIS pattern.  Right now I haven't bought the yarn because I can't decide whether to do in pinks or purples.  VOTE NOW... shades of PINK or shades of PURPLE?

So what am I going to do with the yarn I bought?  I had considered returning it but the truth is the color is a great "we're not finding out the gender" color and I'll likely want to knit that other blanket at some point for someone else.

3) Finish the Hats

Again I'm so close to this one.  I've added 2 more additions to the pile.

Untitled Untitled

I likely have 1 or maybe 2 more in the leftovers and then I'm done.  That little pile yielded a lot more hats than I thought it would!

Other than that I've had a couple of charity blankets show up that have also required a bit of attention- but let's save that for another day?

Hope you're April has been as productive as mine!  (So far...)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Distractions

It's official, I'm kind of sick of hats.  That hasn't stopped me, mind you, from knitting 2 more, but my heart just doesn't care anymore.



Thankfully I'm nearing the end of my little flirtation with bits and bobs and so far I've knit past my estimate of 14 hats, bringing the total to 15. This is all that remains for hat yarn.


Knowing that I was sick of hats I needed something else to "play with" when I'm not cranking out ideas for "ye olde Stampede entry"... which here's a little teeny hint:


I needed something fun and distracting and frivolous... and I all of a sudden I KNEW what I needed to do.



OF COURSE!  These guys can't wear their red and white Christmas sweaters in APRIL?  What was I thinking?! 

Untitled Untitled

Dress Pattern:  Seasonal Dresses Pattern by Julie Williams
Yarn: Fingering Weight scraps
Needles: 2.75 mm
Notes: Julie Williams writes extremely well thought out and thorough patterns.  If you ever want to cut your teeth on anything she has written I would HIGHLY recommend it.  Her patterns are worth every penny you pay for them!  (The Bunnies- which were knit previously are linked here.)

Untitled Untitled

Sweater/Shorts Pattern: Textured Sweater Pattern by Julie Willams
Yarn: Fingering Weight Scraps
Needles: 2.75 mm
Notes: ADORABLE.  And I love, LOVE, LOVE that she leaves a little spot for the tail to poke through in the shorts.  Cute factor is off the charts!


(Sheesh... these two can't keep their hands off each other!)

Little distractions are fun but I'm still focusing on the big ones too.  I haven't conquered much on my "to do" list for April (except knit hats).  I think I'm going to add "finish the hats" to the April list too.  I'm formulating an idea for the baby blanket for July and am hoping to pull the trigger on the yarn soon.  And the mystery project should get a bunch of undivided attention on Friday when I have a little more free time.

Much is percolating and happening over here- stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Being away from the blog for so long you'd probably expect me to say "HEY LOOK I STARTED SOMETHING NEW and I was so so so so so so so so so into my new project I didn't blog for a stretch there.  BUT THE GOOD NEWS is that I have a million progress photos to show you!"

In a way it's kind of true.

After getting my kudos there with the front page of the Western Arts entry pamphlet thingy, I really started wracking my brain about what I was going to enter for the Stampede this year.  I was just beginning to work on an idea when an EVEN BETTER IDEA struck.  And lordy if I can make it work, it's gonna be awesome-sauce with a side of awesome.  And so, because ideas need to be developed, every day at nap time I get out the pencils and graph paper and I am working like a fiend.  Unlike last year's project, much of what I wanted to do was easy to figure out or use existing charts online.  I'm down to a few piddly details.... which of course is just EATING AWAY AT MY SOUL.  It's always these teeny-tiny little things that don't work just right that DRIVE ME INSANE.  And here we are again.

Sadly- it'll be blog silence on a lot of this- with very few sneak peeks until I can enter my project and leave it in the hands of the judges.  Until then you're just stuck hearing about it.  On top of it being a Stampede entry surprise, it might also be a surprise for another family member, so work on this project will need to be stealthy.  My current goal is to have the pattern locked down and designed by April 15 so that I can cast on April 16.  I'd really like to not be knitting this hours before it needs to be entered in the Stampede this year.

Lest you think it's been all work and no fun around here I have managed to knit another 4 hats and get some sock progress in .  My little leftover pile is beginning to look smaller finally!

Untitled Untitled Untitled 

And last weekend a quick trip out to Ottawa allowed me some knitting time and the travelling sock became, well, a sock (that needs a pair now).


GIANT ASIDE... My kid LOVES Bob the Builder.  LOOOOOVES.  Like Bob is a religion at our house.  And so, when we realized there was a  Bob exhibit at the National Children's Museum in Ottawa and it was the last weekend (and you should know they stopped making Bob toys in 2005 so doing or seeing anything Bob related is SCARCE) we felt we had to GO.  And so, we did.  A quick in/out trip (where yes, there was knitting!) and my kid got to meet his hero.

He looks pretty happy, non?

Okay well that's all there is to report for this month.  I need to figure out a blanket to knit for a friend due in July- so my goals for April are fairly simple:

1) Finalize Stampede Pattern by April 15- Cast on!
2) Figure out Baby Blanket for baby in July and procure the yarn to knit it.
3) Keep knitting hats

I can't believe it's the end of March!  Where does the time go!?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The One Where Hats are Addicting

So when we left last this blog, I vowed that I would knit 3 hats.  I knit those 3 up fairly quickly and viola- here they are.




The problem is that I couldn't stop at 3.  I would pick up my shawl and basically hold it in my hand and then decide.... I'll knit a hat instead.  So that's how I ended up with 3 more hats...




Baby hats for me are just one of those projects that are simple and mindless.  Am I tired?  Knit a hat.  Am I stressed?  Knit a hat.  Am I watching some TV that requires better attention (House of Cards)?  KNIT A HAT.  I'm oddly enjoying making my bits and bobs into hats and seeing what I can come up with.  I am starting to get down in the pile and wouldn't be surprised if pretty soon I have no yarn left.  Until then I've enjoyed the easy knitting... maybe it's because I'm planning to take a bite out of a heftier project soon-ish.

The shawl?  The shawl hasn't seen anything at all.  It sits in it's project bag hoping that I will find inspiration with it once again.  And so, with that in mind- I'm changing the March plan (mid March) to reflect that March is now all about knitting hats.

How many more can I squeeze out this month?  (Also- NO MORE HATS in April... back to work and Stampede thoughts...)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Little Bit of Bragging

TWO POSTS in one day!?  Normally I wouldn't post so frequently but I decided that this was "blog worthy" and I couldn't wait on it.

My MiL sent me a picture of the booklet for the Western Lifestyles Creative Arts and Crafts Competition for the Stampede this year.  (It's basically the entrance booklet- and I'm not sure why I didn't get one, but I digress...)


Recognize the project on the FRONT FREAKIN' PAGE?!?

I. AM. FAMOUS.  (sort of)  If you go to the link (here) and open the book they credit me inside.

Either way I'm deeply flattered and feeling pretty legit at the moment.

Maui Break - Return of the Blog

I don't usually like to advertise, but that big old blog break was due to our annual Maui trip, which we returned from on Sunday.  I had intended to work on the shawl while I was there, but after a few rows in, I realized (rightfully so) that I wanted something less finicky for the ride down.  And, since it's sort of a tradition anyways- I grabbed some self striping sock yarn and readied myself for a new Maui sock.


It's pretty isn't it?  These are the aptly named "Socks on a Plane" pattern and the name alone was reason enough for me to knit these!

Untitled Untitled

I cast on before I left and only allowed myself 6 rows to get started enough on the plane.  On the way down I made huge progress.  (Thank you Bob the Builder for entertaining my kid!)  I made less progress on the way back but did get as far as the heel flap.  I'm going to set these aside for a bit now, and save them for other trips I have coming up.

I did, in a weird state of hopefulness, actually bring my shawl too, but it didn't get any attention.  The shawl has had a few false starts since we last caught up.  I had made it about 40 rows in and then discovered a mistake.  Being a hypocritical idiot (more on that in a minute) I didn't have a life line and was forced to rip the entire thing out and begin again.  I'm back where I started (WITH a life line this time) and hope to devote much of my March to making progress on it.

Why am I hypocritical idiot?  MiL has also cast on a shawl, and both of us are cutting our teeth on these wispy little patterns.  When she was casting on and doing her research I kept telling her "make sure you do a life line" (life line = yarn holding a row of stitches so you only have to rip back so far if you do discover a mistake- I put it in every 15 rows or so...)  I'm not sure why I felt I needed to nag her on this, especially since she has more years of knitting under her belt and has successfully knit a shawl before, but I did.  (Sorry Phyllis!)  I'm even less sure why I didn't follow my own advice and put one in for me!  But alas- I was dumb and I learned my lesson the hard way when I ripped out all of that work.

Right before I left I also managed to add a little hat to the pile and it's really cute.


Even though there are waaaaaay more ends to weave in, I'm actually quite enjoying this little stripey hat project I've committed myself too.  Which leads me to the March goal- knit 3 more hats and work on the shawl.  The hats need to be done but we'll just see how far I get on the shawl.  April will likely be for another baby due in July... but we'll talk about that later.

For now.... I leave you with a little Maui magic...

(I took this on my Iphone!  I have never seen a perfect rainbow arch like that.  It was beautiful!)

It was a great trip- but it's great to be home and get back into our regular swing of things.  (Which means more knitting!!)