It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Stash!

I mentioned here awhile back that I received my final shipment of Wollmeise- and I figure it's safe to show it off now, since everyone in the club should have their shipments by now.


God it's beautiful isn't it? The colorway is called "Blue Bell". I think this is probably my favorite color in the whole lot that was shipped out in the club-- and I'm waiting for special inspiration to strike. Whatever this yarn end up being... it's going to be beautiful!

I'm also sad- because this is my last "easy" grab at the Wollmeise. Being in the sock club, (which sadly will not continue next year), allowed me a skein every two months, without fighting with everyone on the site, and trying to be the first to scoop up whatever is available. And don't even get me started on how badly it kills me to see photos from the new Wollmeise shop in Germany- a place I'm not going to get to for a little while now. (ALTHOUGH if you're going please tell me- I will provide you with a wish list and $$$!)

I also had a "wee" fall off the wagon last week, (I went 77 days before having this accident!), when I accidently stumbled onto "Addies" in Cochrane. I promised my family I'd be quick, but I couldn't leave the store without this in hand!


I just love the mix of blues, purples and greens- and can't help put imagine these in the prettiest "monkey" pattern you've ever seen! If I ever get to knit socks again, (because oh my does it ever feel like I'm cursed to knit blankets forever right now), this could very possibly be cast on very soon!

I'm planning to attend the Pudding Yarn Stampede sale this Friday- where there probably will be a little more on the way in added stash. (Pudding has such beautiful sock yarns right now!) I'm currently obsessing over Kim Hargreaves book "Nectar" and the beautiful sweater patterns it has- so it may be something that finds its way home with me, along with some yarn to knit one cardigan up in particular. But let's wait to see what happens on Friday before I get ahead of myself here. (I'm not sure books will be on sale- I know that yarns will be 20% off and discounted yarns will probably be 75% off... but I can't speak to anything else there.)

Other than the newly acquired stash- progress continues to slog along on the baby blanket. Here's a shot of it, at the half way mark.


Unblocked it's sitting at about 15" right now- but once this gets pinned out, I'm confident we're going to can add an extra 5 inches or so to it at least.... so we're going to have a decent sized blanket on our hands. I've started ball 4 out of 6 today- so progress is steady, but kind of boring. I'm already gearing up to figure out what my next project will be. (I have purple and white acrylic that needs to get de-stashed... got any recommendations?)

I'll leave you to admire the pretty, pretty stash some more- I have some blanket knitting to attend to!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I Made A Cute!

2 weeks ago I thought I had maxed out on "cute" with this website Here. (No, seriously, go to this website- the cuteness is nearly too much to handle.) HOWEVER, that was before I made this...


Pattern: Honey Bunny by Yvonne Boucher
Yarn: Bunny: Bernat Satin in "Camel" dress/panties in spare Bernat Satin kicking around my stash
Needles Size: US size 3 and US size 6
Notes: The only thing I'd change about this pattern is the dress- it's just too big for the bunny, at least the way I knit it. If I were to do it again (and I will most likely!), I would knit a smaller skirt with less stitches.

Isn't she cute?! I've shown her to everyone because I can't stop squealing about how adorable she is. Oh wait... you haven't see the best part.


Look at those little panties and that little pom pom tail!! Who would have ever thought that I'd be so charmed by a little pair of bunny panties- but they are so cute they're irresistable! GAH! How am I going to give this little sweetheart away?

The good news is that I don't have to say goodbye too soon. This little bunny, (which in case you haven't guessed by now was the "mystery project"), is intended for a little girl who's expecting a little sister at the end of the summer. I thought she'd like to have a little present too, since her sister will be getting a whole lot of extra attention and *sigh* a blanket.

Speaking of blankets- I had hoped to tell you that I had finished up half way this weekend, but I hit a snag in my knitting plans on Thursday night.


Do you see the blue stitch markers on this picture? That marks where I realized that I had made a mistake. All of the knitting after the blue stitch markers? I ripped it out. Every. Last. Stitch. Yeah- I ripped out a lot of work. I don't want to talk about it just yet. Let's just say it hurt me to watch- but ultimately it would have hurt me more to keep going, knowing it was there and knowing it was wrong. (DAMN YOU PERFECTIONISM!) There needs to be a lot of knitting done this weekend to make up for this boo boo... I hope it doesn't set me too far back on the "blanket schedule". (I'm aiming for a 2nd week in July finish- think I can do it?)

Also, in "We're Taking Over the World One Knitter At A Time" news... I taught my mother to knit again on Wed. She's working on the knit and purl stitches and getting them down just right. She's going to need a lot of convincing that knitting isn't too much more than that right there, (she doesn't believe me), but if she manages to finish up her "practice" scarf- I'll post a pic of it here so you can all tell her to keep trying it. Knitting ability isn't an "overnight" achievement- but it she sticks with it, I bet she'll find it addicting. Who knows- maybe my cute little bunny friend will have a new friend by the end of the summer!?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Election Results


I asked for your opinion expecting that a few obliging mothers, some lovely knitting group members and one or two office mates would give me their opinion. Instead- FIFTY SEVEN Of you dropped by to offer your opinion on my next blanket!! AND, of that 57, 32 of you (56%) chose my next pattern, option #2, the Feather and Fan option.

Who am I to argue with popular opinion? I cast that blanket on Sunday!


Here we are... 1/6 skeins deeps already. So far she's looking lovely! I do have concern about having enough yarn, (but really when do I NOT have this concern?), but I also know that once I block the blanket, it's really going to stretch and open up. So far- you all have excellent taste!

Also? Can I just say thank you?! You chose the easiest pattern to knit in the group! With any luck this pattern should essentially knit itself- and we'll be talking about the next blanket here very soon!

As if that progress wasn't enough- I also have another teaser pic of the mystery project.


Do you know what it is yet? (The white object on the bottom had me squealing from the cuteness all weekend.) I'm actually mostly done this project now- but it's waiting for just a few final touches and it will reveal itself in due time. Trust me. You're going to love it! I love it!

Thanks again for voting people, it was most helpful- and now I'm off as I have got some major knitting to do!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Help Nennie Knit!

Have you ever thought to yourself "Oh that pattern she chose for that yarn is totally ass?" or "I'd have used a different pattern". Now is your chance oh humble reader- I need your help. (I feel like Princess Leia looking into R2D2 and begging Obi-Wan Kanobi for help- the situation may be slightly less dire here, but only slightly.)

I'm ready to cast on blanket #4 of the year and I've selected a lovely, varigated yarn. The problem with a varigated yarn is that color isn't even, it dips and pools, and in the right pattern, is absolutely lovely. The problem right now- is I can't decide what is the right pattern. Take a look at the photos below- select your favorite and then vote in the poll. (Please, encourage as many people to vote as possible- knitters, NON knitters... ALL opinions are valid and helpful - send the link to friends! Help a knitter out here!)

Option #1 - the "Diamond Pattern" (sorry it's a little blurry)


Option #2 - the "Feather and Fan Pattern"


Option #3 - the "Ripple Ridge Pattern"


Now it's your turn- VOTE NOW!
Voting will end this Friday- and hopefully by the end of this weekend, there will be a photo of the started blanket with in you voted patter. Isn't this EXCITING!?

In other news- I've continued on the streak of productivity... behold... (finally).... HATS for babies!


The pink one on the bottom is my favorite! I've never been intriqued by the idea of knitting a full stocking stitch blanket before, but I might be convinced if it was in a similar color scheme! So cute!

Also on the needles, a mystery project. Can you guess with this is? (For those of you on Ravelry it's totally linked up, but don't spoil it here for those who aren't!)


AND for those of you who wonder about these kinds of things (Hi Dad!) Yes- I'm still working on the purse socks- and they are moving at a very slow pace. (But they are moving, which I suppose is the point of the purse sock.) Viola- I give you sock parts! (The nearly finished sock is where you can very aptly see where I ran out of yarn- but more yarn has been procured, (sadly in a different colorway), and I soldier onward!)


As you can see it's been busy knitting wise around here at chateau Nennie- and once the blog masses speak- we'll be casting on anew blanket #4. Please remember to vote-- your opinion and help is most appreciated!!

PS- stay tuned here next week- where I flash you the most recent sock yarn shipment from the Wollmeise club. The colorway I chose is my most favorite of the club by far- "HELLO GORGEOUS! " (In Babs voice...)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Productivity Thy Name is Nennie

As promised... I've got something to show you!


The green leafy blanket is off the needles, and if I do say so myself, it is lookin' goooooood!


Pattern: Pram Rug with Trailing Leaves from Patons Heirloom Collection
Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in "Honeydew" (10 balls)
Needles: US 7
Notes: I added an extra repeat to the pattern to make the pattern just a little wider- and I'm so pleased with the results. The yarn is really soft and almost velvetty to touch- it's perfect as a baby blanket yarn. (Not to mention mostly cotton, so blocking friendly.) Let's look at it again shall we?


So- with the 3rd blanket of the year off the needles, I feel confident that I'm on track to stay on top of the blanket demand this fall. However, to reward myself for all the hard work knitting this May- I'm taking the week off to knit something other than baby blankets. I'm knitting hats, because HOLY GOD am I falling behind on the grand total! Plus it gives me a little time to think about the next pattern- which I need to start pretty quickly here.

With all that in mind, and precious hat time quickly disappearing, I must dash!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering...

It's coming! Blog posts have been scarce as the blanket progress chugs along. It is currently blocking -right now- as we speak. I am so close to being done!

Anyways- watch this space for the next few days-- Blanket #3 of the YEAR OF THE BABY BLANKETS will be making it's debut shortly.

Also? How awesome is blocking? I love being able to block out the blanket, despite the fact that it's a most tedious chore, because then it just looks perfect. Can't wait for you to see what I do!