It has been since I last bought yarn!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gold Medal Progress

Yup! Sock #1 of the Olympic socks done, cast off and sewn up. I just cast it off! I purposely took a crappy pic for you because I can't wait to show you the finished project. They are lovely. Simply, perfectly, amazingly lovely and I'm so excited to get #2 off the needles and stretch these babies out and show you the pattern. To date my most favorite pair of socks I've ever made. I'm completely a Cookie A convert! Her patterns are straight forward and easy to read, not to mention stunning. I'll definately have the guts to try more of her stuff!!

I think I'm definately going to sign myself up for more projects next Olympics because while these socks have been fun, I know I could have knit more. Next year, more challenges! So far it's been pretty fun!

I've hit a baby snag in the sock progress this evening... I've been distracted by this:

I finally got my grubby little paws on the New Vogue Knitting. It's a good thing too, especially if my paws are grubby because the mitten pattens in this magazine are so nice- they'll make a lovely cover to said grubby paws! Just look at these...

I. WANT. TO. MAKE. THEM. RIGHT. NOW! Oh tempting and lovely projects... why do you taunt me?

Okay, must dash- I've got an Olympic sock to finish and baby hats to make so I can move onto bigger and more exciting projects. Can I finish sock #2 before the weekend? Only time will tell!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My First Olympic Start!

(This is obviously not my photograph- but it belongs to these lovely people)

Nothing kicks off an olympic start quite like fireworks! Day 1 of my official Olympic quest saw some good knitting action! (You'll note I'm using new Addi Turbo double pointed needles and OH MY do I love them!)

My goal is to have sock one done around Wed- I better hear some cheering to motivate!! The pattern is challenging, (whoo boy challenging!) it's definately a "knit alone" type of project, because any distraction, including conversation would probably result in a pretty grevious error!

I thought I'd also update you on the sock project of my "travel" sock. My travel sock is a sock I keep in my purse that usually gets dragged to work and various other locales... progress tends to be slower since I really only knit on them when time permits or over lunch hours, but they're starting to come along nicely.

I appreciate that it's kind of funny I'm knitting two projects with blue yarn right now - but not to worry, both are a pleasure to knit with. I'm using the Dream in Color Smooshy for my Olympic sock and the ShiBuiKnits and both yarns have a lovely "sproigy-ness" that makes knitting them a very pleasant process.

I've also had a bit of a falling down (HARD) on the old yarn diet.

This red Bernat acrylic (ack!) is destined for baby blanket stardom. I'm currently designing a top secret project for some friends and that's going to be the color. Curious? I can justify this addition to the stash because I know I'm going to use it fairly soon.

This stash acquisition, (the softest bamboo ever!) This is Kertzer's "On Your Toes" and I can't really explain how I ended up buying it. I blame mob mentality.

You see I went to the Make 1 Friday afternoon knitting, and this was being stacked on the shelves while I was there- the minute it hit the floor the ladies were on this like white on rice! Caught with the concern that I would be left out of a really great yarn deal, ($11.97 skein!) both the MiL took our pick of the colors before everything got scooped up. I couldn't help my self! It was SO soft. I had to have it. HAD TO. Okay!? Stop looking at me like that!

Okay- well I need to get back to work on the Olympic sock- much to do before the time is up! Socks don't knit themselves!