It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Just About There

I will kill any and all suspense- the blanket is OFF the needles!  (And none too soon, literally the day after I cast OFF- baby arrived... early!)  I am allowing myself to feel just the teensiest amount of relief. There is still the task  of blocking... which as we know, tends to be another procrastinate thing for me.   But- I allowed myself to indulge in the relief that the blanket was done.  First of all- I knit two more hats.  (8 down, 4 to go!)

Willow buds

Crossover Rib

I was going to move on to the socks next, but I got a call from sister, distraught about having lost those mittens I made back in April.  (Here)  She apparently lost them in a cab- and even went as far as to call the cab company and have them search their lost and found.  Since sister is so upset - I am knitting her another pair... in ALPACA.  In that yarn I was so deeply in love with when I bought it in Saskatoon SO LONG ago.


Here are Emma's mittens... AGAIN.  I am kicking myself with this pattern.  I made modifications the first time- modifications I wrote down.  Modifications I threw out, thinking "I probably won't make them again".  I am KICKING myself that I threw out my mod's... because I'm starting over by scratch and trying to remember what I did.  I think I'm on track so far- and I've got a thumb gusset to prove it.

The one downside to this lovely alpaca is that it's fuzzy and it blurs the pattern a lot more than the original.  But, I've decided that's the price sister will pay for losing original mitts.  If sister loses ALPACA mittens- there might be a battle.

Once I'm down to the thumbs on these- I'm thinking about having "thumb week" where I knit the thumbs for these mittens and the cute victory mittens that I haven't forgotten- just procrastinated.  (And yes, the socks too- I will knit those socks eventually.)

I'm trying to keep myself from having a large "unfinished object" pile like last year.  I would love to kick off January this year with a fun project and nothing in my head that I need to finish first.

All of this rambling is really that, rambling.  Because before I get ahead of myself I'm going to keep breathing ENORMOUS sighs of relief that the vampire blanket is finally OFF the needles and I can knit fun things again!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vampire Project



This blanket is eating my SOUL.  It is sucking every last ounce of joy and love of knitting RIGHT. OUT. OF. ME.  There have been nights when I couldn't even bring myself to pick it up, and because it felt too guilty to start something new, I just didn't knit.  At. all.

This project is the equivalent of a vampire in knitting.


Before we send hate mail to the designer- I need to say it.  This isn't her fault.  There is absolutely no reason for me to have thought I would have been this bored by a project.  It has cables and different stitches in different sections- it's not boring.  I have to refer to the pattern regularly.  For whatever reason this seems to be my "Waterloo".  (It's okay if you sing the ABBA song in your head when you see that word, I do too.)  I just can't seem to get past it.  It literally feels like I've been knitting this project forever.

I did try a side project- a brief distraction of cute to try and get me over the hump- but not even this little Newborn Pumpkin set could excite me.


Pattern: Hat is the hat from the Wee Leafy Baby Set by Pamela Wynne and the Mittens are Easy Summer Baby Mittens by Urszula Tanouye and the leaves are from the Hat pattern.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

(I just HAVE to knit little babies due in and around the October 31 pumpkin hats.  HAVE TO.  I cannot help myself.)

Even this cute little project cannot seem to illicit much joy, because I knew I had the blanket to return to.  I need to get this beast off my needles- before it completely makes me hate knitting.  Did you gasp?  I gasp even typing it... but I'm this LOW.  I don't even know if cashmere can save me at this point.  Send "knit fast" vibes and prayers for knitting time so I can get past this project and back on track again.

Monday, October 1, 2012


You can always tell when I'm not particularly "stoked" about a project, because I  find it particularly hard to blog about.  I don't have much to say about my current project except that it's still happening.

I am a little over half way with the Diamond Cable Blanket but I feel nothing for it.  The pattern isn't particularly boring- but for whatever reason I am BORED. STIFF. and just rather "meh" about the whole thing.



I don't even know what to say beyond this.  I am only half way done and I will be knitting this for longer still.  My maternity leave is quickly coming to an end and so the free time is also going to cease to exsist shortly... and with it my knitting time.  So- brace yourselves for a long ride with this project.

I also started another wee pumpkin hat, as there's another baby arriving around Halloween this year, and I just feel like it's my duty to make sure it has a cute pumpkin hat.  (It's also for my boss, and quite frankly, the suck up points probably won't hurt.)


But again- *yawn*

I'm not used to feeling a certain amount of "ennui" with my knitting.  I'm usually gung-ho, especially when it comes to cables, but right now I can't seem to muster much excitement for anything.  I'm not entirely sure why- because I find myself desperate to squeeze in a few hours of knitting time but then getting those few precious moments and feeling rather "blah" about the whole thing.  Maybe I just need to hurry up and get this blanket OFF the needles so that I can allow myself to feel inspired again.

Have I officially hit my "blanket saturation" point?  Is this the blanket that finally breaks me to STOP KNITTING BLANKETS!?  I might be there... someone remind me of this post when I threaten to knit another baby blanket.