It has been since I last bought yarn!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Extra Days are for Blog Posts

Well- I was hoping to be on here showing you a completed set of socks but it's just not going to happen that way. I was hoping to complete the Nebula socks for the end of February and I have to say, I came pretty close.


I'm slowing working my way down the foot. SLOWLY but I do hope that soon there will be a finished glamour shot in our future.


I'm on day two of taking a harder line with the baby on napping and so far (KNOCK ON WOOD) that is actually going well. Yesterday I was able to knit 10 rows on the sock uninterrupted! I nearly WEPT from the joy of it!

If I can get the baby on a more regular nap schedule not only will I have a HAPPIER baby (which is so much easier for everyone) but I will also be able to make more steady progress on the items I had hoped to finish since I can actually have some "mommy has her hands to herself" time. I'm trying to decide what I will tackle next... Pink Baby Dot blanket or the Fireside sweater. Let me know what you'd like to see next in the comments!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Parker's Blanket

It's done! It's done! It's DONE! Parker's blanket is done... nearly 3 months to the day AFTER he was born. But still... focus on the positive. IT'S DONE.


Pattern: Baby Bricks by Kay Meadors.
Needle: US 7
Yarn: Berroco Vintage in 51103 (Green), 51104 (Teal), 5103 (Brown), 5113 (Light Blue), 5100 (White)
Notes: I have made this blanket twice before and so I obviously like the pattern. What I appreciate is that it always looks stunning no matter what you do for a color scheme, and it's simple. It's also simply deceptive because people always think it's harder than it looks. (It's not hard!)

And now GLAMOUR SHOTS... because dammit you deserve it for waiting so long!

Look how nicely it matches the nursery bedding!

Look how nice the back looks!


Look how nice it looks with an ACTUAL BABY!!! (I keep staring at him and thinking "How did I end up with such a cute kid?!")

Okay- this blog post is getting too exciting... let's all take a moment to collect ourselves. How about something more somber? A sock in progress?


Hey is that leg nearly finished? Why yes, it IS nearly finished. I'd really like to finish this bad boy for February and move on to the next project that needs to get off the needles. It feels good to wrap some of these items up!

I feel I need to wrap this post up with a bit of an explanation...
The good news: Parker is essentially sleeping through the night. (10 pm - 6 am!)
The bad news: Parker hates to nap. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATES to nap- meaning while I am getting a great 8 hours of sleep, I cannot put him down long enough during the day to knit my single row. (Or for that matter write a blog post, write the thank you cards, order the pictures or the 98 zillion other things that I have not accomplished on my "to do" list.) Progress has slowed to a pace best described as "snail". So your continued patience is most appreciated!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

2 Down!

Okay, so it's not the end of January as I originally hoped to finish Parker's blanket but it's close and I'll take the win!

Parker's blanket is currently blocking and should be ready for a few glamour photos later this week. (Bonus... the baby will model it!) Special thanks to MiL, who came over Wednesday afternoon to hold the baby so I could get a little uninterrupted knitting time. Then she brilliantly suggested that if I could finish it (I made it to the border) by Saturday we could block it at her place when I was there for lunch. BRILLIANT. And so, with special thanks to MiL and cousin Kim I now have blanket pinned and drying!

blanket block

Saturday was also awesome as FiL was looking for a little baby time while we were visiting- so HE held the baby (and expertly put him to sleep might I add) and I got to pick up project #3 in the finishing pile. Remember the Nebula socks?


I'm so excited to get back to working on these- they are just STUNNING, plus I want something small to knit for a change. (Extra bonus- it's Wollmeise!) I'm hoping that I can finish these in February and tackle the very daunting sweater next.

I must admit there's a little part of me that wants to abandon the finishing plan, pull out the sock yarn and have a sock knitting marathon- yesterday's knitting session was just so SATISFYING. But... this is the year to get some things off the unfinished object pile and feel good.

Finishing feels SO GOOD people! Stay tuned for glamour shots coming soon.