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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Have You Updated Your Knit Blog Lately?

"Have you updated your knit blog lately?” My mom asked me this on Saturday. You know it’s bad when your mother is going “HEY- POST ALREADY!”

Dear Knit Blog,

No I have not abandoned you. I have not forgotten about you, nor have I decided to cease writing in you. The problem does not in fact lie in my own laziness, (for a change), but in my knitting itself.

Oh- I have things on the needles- lots of things! SO. MANY. THINGS. None of which are finished. My ability to progress has slowed dramatically. There is only one culprit in all of this- only one finger of blame to point at- the JOB, gentle readers, has got to go.

I used to churn out FO’s (finished object’s for those not in the know) like the Amish churn out butter. (I am of course assuming that Amish churn out a lot of butter… if they don’t, please pardon my really horrible analogy here and just assume that I used to get a lot of knitting done.) Baby blankets? Only took me a month. Sweaters? A week. Socks? Got done quickly. (So quickly that I felt the need to hoard sock yarn to keep up with the demand. {Did you see how I just enabled myself there, making excuses for my yarn stash?}) The blog was a showcase for my hall of fame finishes- a place to say “Look at me- I’m AWESOME!”.

All of this was possible thanks to the US Government, who said I couldn’t work in their country. And so, I knit. A lot. Like maybe something close to 4 hours a day on average. I’ll leave the Amish alone on this one because I’m sure we’ll all agree that’s a lot of knitting. When one has time to knit- one can really churn out FO’s. It also provides one with a lot of time to ponder knitting and well- you saw a lot of that on the blog.

And then- of course, we moved back to Canada, where the Government said “come and work so that we can take half of what you make in taxes!” And really- who can resist an offer like that? [sarcasm is my friend] So I got a job- and while it’s a pretty good job, and a pleasant place to be, it really kills the knitting time. I do squeeze in a little knitting here and there on the weekdays- but it’s mostly on the weekend where I can go back to my friendly “ass groove” on the couch and really “commune with my needles.” Except even then, it’s hard to commit as much time as I used to. And trust me, even though right now I’m still in a fairly good stage of “like” with the job, I have my moments where I literally long and ache to go back to spending a whole day knitting. However thus is life and I will accept that which I cannot change.

So little blog, that’s why the updates are coming a little slower these days- there’s just less to talk about since so much less of my life is devoted to knitting.

Hmm? Pardon? What did you say? OH- “SHUT IT AND SHOW US SOME KNITTING CONTENT!!?”—okay then…

Viola- I give you U(un)FO’s in various states of completion!
(Oh yes- there is some seriously blocking to be done!!)
(I'm doing a short row heel- I'm not going to lie, I'm not in love with it. I think I'll stick to heel flaps for now.)
(Look it's a sock in progress! I actually find myself wanting to knit this one more than anything else right now because it's SO. PRETTY- but I still have to leave it for traveling knitting only. *sigh*)

PS- My lack of blog posts may also have something to do with the copious amounts of time I now spend on Ravely, looking, looking and more looking, followed by some looking with a side order of looking. That site is knitters crack! (And also the salt in my knitting wounds since I see a new project everyday that I also want to tackle.)

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