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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lofty Weekend Goals

As many motivational speakers will tell you, it is important to "dream big". And so in the pursuit of all things knitting- I'm dreaming a big to do list for this weekend. I am posting this for posterity- I have Monday off and in that time frame I hope to complete the following goals:

1) Finish and or come respectably close to finishing the Downer Blanket (respectably close is 38 inches in mind- a good place to be that will allow me to finish sometime this upcoming week.)

2) Get to the 10 inch mark on the new Blue Blanket of Boredom (I am currently sitting at 5")

3) Finish Grandma's sock, cast on second sock. (I literally have not even a half hour left on sock #1, it is time to move on with this project!!)

4) (oh yes... FOUR) Knit at least one baby hat. (Two would be dreamy, but I'm trying to be realistic here.)

To see where I end up- stay tuned to the blog on Monday for photographic evidence of the knitting marathon. (If I become cocky... you'll probably get short burst updates as I succeed.)

The thing is- I am sick of blankets. SICK. The weather is getting warmer and let me tell you, the last thing I want draped in my lap is a baby blanket. The sock yarn is calling to me-- begging me to sit down and play. I ACHE with my desire to knit socks right now-- but I must be strong. I must get these gifts out of the way so I can declare the summer of socks! (But will probably add another blanket deadline in there too- I have to stay better on top of the blanket demand. {I have visions of very close friends announcing next-- they absolutely must have a special blanket-- and I don't want to be ill prepared!!})

Stay tuned for all of the gory details.

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