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Monday, January 5, 2009

New Beginnings

It's a new year- and along with it, exciting new beginnings. With that in mind, I show you the baby blanket the husband and I patiently designed during our countdown to the new year. (Yes, I said husband- I was able to come up with the concept, but husband was the one with computer skills {and patience} to make the graph work out right.)

Would you believeI started knitting this on Friday?! I've made incredible progress. (Although let's give some of the credit to good ole stocking stitch!) But since this still looks like a big red blob... (and I'm not giving away what it will be until it's finished), this might be more interesting...

Those are the written out specs and detailed pattern instructions. (I may be planning on publishing this bad boy should there be any interest.) Incidently who ever guessed you could get so much out of a little gauge swatch? (And holy crap it's working too- so far it's knitting to gauge!)

Even though I'm both relieved and happy to work on this blanket and just get it off my back already-- nothing can make me happier today than this. Is there any better cure to a Monday, back from a long vacation, than new yarn? I think not!

Viola- Dream in Color's BUTTER PEEPS... after much yearning for it, the husband surprised me with this for Christmas from the glorious Loopy Ewe. After a long Monday seeing the Loopy package in my inbox was just what I needed to perk me back up again. I love getting Looy Ewe packages so much. (It was probably a good thing there was no one in my foyer, because I also did my little Loopy dance, which resembles Snoopy's first spring dance, where I jump up and down and clutch the happy little package to my chest. Sheri makes every package a joy to open- always with little extras-- just to make your package much more exciting. (I must learn to not rip into the package immediately and snap photos so you can see how lovingly she packs everything up!)

And so with my new yarn and new blanket- I feel like I'm ready to tackle the new knitting year off with a bang.

Now... if only I could buy more mitten yarn....

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Anonymous said...

Did you publish the FAMILY afghan?
If so, I would like to purchase the pattern, if I could please! IT IS AWESOME and very cute!