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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Use Your Imagination

So I don't know what's happened to the dear old blog. I can make the posts show up, old posts show up with any trouble but trying to throw a picture into my post and BOOM- blog explosion. Since it would be nice to maintain this, and because I've tried more than a few times to come over and say hi and be denied, I've decided to just go ahead and blog, sans photos. So let's all use our imaginations... shall we? (I continue to make offerings to the blog gods...)

Progress on the knee socks continues at a slower pace than I'd like. I still live in agonizing terror, with every pull of the yarn my brain says "there won't be enough". I'm knitting the foot tonight- and hopefully this agony will be over by tomorrow... with a completely finished sock and not me crying in a corner saying "I just need 5 more yards". Other than the paralyzing fear that I will not have enough yarn to finish, the socks themselves look stunning. Absolutely stunning. Close your eyes, imagine stunningly beauitful socks in red, and you'll envision what I'm doing. Let's all pray to the powers that be that I'll be able to fix the picture function and I can show them in their blazing glory when I'm done. If they get done. OH PLEASE let me finish them!

Waiting in the wings of my imagination (and stash) is the 28thirty sweater that I'm finally ready to cast on. The yarn is soft and squishy and it's the right kind of cardigan to usher in the spring. Because it's going to come... eventually. I'm convinced that my not making the sweater is the reason it hasn't warmed up yet. :-) So, I owe the people of Calgary at least a decent shot at spring.

Also on the needles, is my purse socks which are also in line to be finished. I just turned the heel on my second sock, so hopefully we'll put those to rest soon. On the needles and being ignored is the Noro self striping scarf. It's not because I don't love the project, it's gorgeous, and addicting- but it's the right project to work on when visiting with others, it's mindless enough that it's nearly impossible to screw up. I've been mostly saving it for "group" knitting and so slowly, but surely, it's getting finished too.

Have you been closing your eyes and imagining them? They're nice huh?

Hopefully this won't be an imaginary knit blog forever and we'll all get back to lovely knitting pictures. Let all your computer geek friends know- I'm willing to trade hand knit items for computer help!

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