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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pluggin' Away

If you're one of those "finished project photo only" people- you may want to skip this here post. It's been awhile between my last post- but mostly because progress has been slow, but steady. This is the first time that I've divided myself between two major projects- and I must say both projects are enchanting me so much that I can't remember the last time I've so looked forward to coming home and seeing what I can knit next.

Firstly- the Sweetheart Blanket. (It's acrylic- don't hate!)


I just love it. LOVE it. When's the last time you heard me all excited about knitting a blanket?! It is turning out beautifully- easy enough to go quickly, challenging enough to just keep you engaged. Perhaps it's only because I'm a 1/3 of the way into this beast, but I can't get enough of this pattern- it's so cute!

Secondly - the 28thirty Sweater:


The yarn is soft and the pattern is really simple- I can't wait to model this little sweater!

Just when I get sick of knitting the one project- I move on over to the next one- keeping me engaged and excited about the next row. I'm working on an informal schedule- for every one skein of red I knit 1.5 skeins of the sweater yarn... it gives me little mental goals to reach for each week.

Geez I sound like I'm on a knitting honeymoon... remind me all of this "knitted bliss" that I have now when I'm whining to you in 2 weeks that I'll never finish the blanket and I'm so sick of the sweater - okay? The early stages of knitting is always more fun than the end stages- which seems so warped to me. I should be less excited about the long road ahead and more excited about the finish line- but I'm quickly learning that's just not me as a knitter.

In other less exciting news- I need to knit more hats. I've been SO. LAZY this winter about knitting the hats. I've deemed next Monday- and the entire week 'hat week' to get me back to where I need to be in the hat count. I've got until Sunday to enjoy my fun little knitting projects here- and then it's time to crank out the hats.

I better get knitting!

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