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Monday, June 8, 2009

Help Nennie Knit!

Have you ever thought to yourself "Oh that pattern she chose for that yarn is totally ass?" or "I'd have used a different pattern". Now is your chance oh humble reader- I need your help. (I feel like Princess Leia looking into R2D2 and begging Obi-Wan Kanobi for help- the situation may be slightly less dire here, but only slightly.)

I'm ready to cast on blanket #4 of the year and I've selected a lovely, varigated yarn. The problem with a varigated yarn is that color isn't even, it dips and pools, and in the right pattern, is absolutely lovely. The problem right now- is I can't decide what is the right pattern. Take a look at the photos below- select your favorite and then vote in the poll. (Please, encourage as many people to vote as possible- knitters, NON knitters... ALL opinions are valid and helpful - send the link to friends! Help a knitter out here!)

Option #1 - the "Diamond Pattern" (sorry it's a little blurry)


Option #2 - the "Feather and Fan Pattern"


Option #3 - the "Ripple Ridge Pattern"


Now it's your turn- VOTE NOW!
Voting will end this Friday- and hopefully by the end of this weekend, there will be a photo of the started blanket with in you voted patter. Isn't this EXCITING!?

In other news- I've continued on the streak of productivity... behold... (finally).... HATS for babies!


The pink one on the bottom is my favorite! I've never been intriqued by the idea of knitting a full stocking stitch blanket before, but I might be convinced if it was in a similar color scheme! So cute!

Also on the needles, a mystery project. Can you guess with this is? (For those of you on Ravelry it's totally linked up, but don't spoil it here for those who aren't!)


AND for those of you who wonder about these kinds of things (Hi Dad!) Yes- I'm still working on the purse socks- and they are moving at a very slow pace. (But they are moving, which I suppose is the point of the purse sock.) Viola- I give you sock parts! (The nearly finished sock is where you can very aptly see where I ran out of yarn- but more yarn has been procured, (sadly in a different colorway), and I soldier onward!)


As you can see it's been busy knitting wise around here at chateau Nennie- and once the blog masses speak- we'll be casting on anew blanket #4. Please remember to vote-- your opinion and help is most appreciated!!

PS- stay tuned here next week- where I flash you the most recent sock yarn shipment from the Wollmeise club. The colorway I chose is my most favorite of the club by far- "HELLO GORGEOUS! " (In Babs voice...)

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