It has been since I last bought yarn!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Epic Fail


This is supposed to look like a palm tree.

Yes. I realize that it doesn’t look like a palm tree. This is a problem because I followed the exact same pattern above, on the blanket… and it’s not looking much like a palm tree either.


Which means 2 things.

1) I screwed up transposing the pattern. (It should be noted that this in NO WAY DigKnitty’s fault or error in pattern writing. This one is ALL ME. *sobs*)

2) I have to rip back to the start of the second row of blue squares, because the center square is not going to resemble anything like a palm tree. That is going to greatly hinder my progress t0 “git ‘er done”.


I’m really struggling with motivation on this project, especially since over the weekend the husband, (who from time to time suffers from “brutally honest syndrome”) broke it to me that he couldn’t really “see” the patterns I was knitting.


I can, but I’m a knitter- husband, and the recipients of the blanket are NOT knitters… what if they can’t see it either? What if they think the blanket is just a bunch of oddly knit blue squares and are like “THIS is what we were waiting for?!” This is an epic blow to my knitting ego.

My knitting ego was smarting already because on Tuesday I also had to rip out the entire second sock for the purse sock.


(Thankfully I was only the cuff and one pattern repeat in.) I kept running out of stitches and when I started to tink back I started dropping stitches. The only way out was frogging the entire thing and starting again.


As if one trip to the “frog pond” was bad enough, I made 2 this week. (*more sobbing*) So, I’ve done the only thing a girl can do, when faced with this type of situation. I’ve put both projects in December time out. I need to step away. I need to clear my head. I need to not feel like an epic knitting failure. To soothe my rattled ego I did the only thing I could do to make myself feel better. I bought yarn. (Oh Loopy… you shouldn’t be so easily available to me… you’re the high I don’t need, but want so badly.) I think I earned my “Loopy Groupie” status with that one.

I also told myself I could cast on a new project, and bought the pattern for Bird in the Hand mittens which I have been chomping at the bit to knit. But, before I can cast that on, I need to fulfill my obligation to the latest WCOBB blanket that showed up on my doorstep last night. It’s the perfect thing I need right now, an all garter stitch blanket. Just knit stitch after knit stitch. I can’t screw that up, can I? (Somebody knock on wood!)

While I’m knitting these stitches I find myself thinking about what to do about the Magnum Opus blanket. I’m worried the patterns won’t show up. All this work would be for naught. I’m seriously, SERIOUSLY, considering casting this idea aside and just ordering more yarn to knit my friend a new blanket (Ravelry link), with an already lovely and established pattern.

What would you do (pretend you are an anal retentive perfectionist with a big knitting ego)?

Voting closes at Christmas. Help me decide!

Until then, ATTENTION KNIT GODS… bring back my Mojo!!!


Anne B. said...

So with my vote the result is tied 50% for each. Right down the line. I feel for you, and I agree with the palm tree, maybe you need to fill in the leaves more? But as for the rest, I think you can see the story. From a distance it looks like a regular old blanket, but then they look more closely, and notice the patterns. The story starts to form, and over endless nights of nursing they will get it and love you for it! I think you had a great idea, and shouldn't abandon it.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you decide, let it rest for awhile. Knit something fun that you really want to knit and get your Mojo back! Maybe I can find some of that for your Christmas present! MIL

sjanova said...

Yes, maybe let it rest a bit, but I really like it and I think you should keep going. Don't forget that it's not blocked yet and that will help bring out the designs.

I read somewhere recently that blue formerly was associated with girls, not boys. I need to find that. But I think this is not a "baby blue" tone and will look great when it's finished.

JMHO, of course.