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Monday, February 1, 2010

Setting the Pace


Well, that looks considerably more like a palm tree! Knit to represent the couple's engagement in Mexico, I was so happy when transposing the pattern finally clicked and the palm tree did in fact look like a palm tree.

Just to be safe- the heart?


Looked like a heart. (Representing "they fell in love".)

And the "They got married"?


That looks right too!

All together, it looks like this blanket is coming together, finally.


It is AMAZING what stepping away from a project and rethinking things will do to your motivation! My unofficial goal is to have this off the needles by Friday, which means instead of going on and on at length on the blog- I need to shut up and get back to the knitting!

One more thing- This blanket needs a border. I have NO IDEA what to do for it. Any suggestions you make (could you attach a link with a photo so I can see it?) would be most appreciated!

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Anne B. said...

That looks exactly like hearts, palm trees, and a couple! Currently my vote would be for striped garter stitch border in purple and pink.