It has been since I last bought yarn!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lost in Slog...

Whoops… life and knitting got in the way of blogging. Plus, if I’m being honest, there really isn’t that much to show for on the knitting front. I'm in full knitting slog.

When we left off- I was full of hope and promise to finish the ends of the pink blanket. (Which I’ve gone from loving to loathing!) I undid the cast off and cast on (eek!) rows and picked up the stitches and failed with the great plan hatched at my last knitting night. After more brainstorming and an idea came to me. “PICOT”. Said the voice. “You must PICOT”. Thankfully that voice is a GENIUS and picot is in fact, the right call. Just slow going... and tedious.. and well... my ambition is rather on the “meh” end of things. My goal is to have it finished for Tuesday when I’m back at Knit night with the girls. I’m so close. I just need to be done already!

Before all this pink blanket distraction, I started a lovely little baby blanket full of delightful cables.


This is it at the half way point. Progress? Yes. I had hoped to be here telling you today that I had finished this project, especially since little Blake, who it’s going meant for, was born a bit early. But alas, the pink blanket is slowing my progress (and SUCKING MY SOUL), and well everything suffers.

Motivating me only slightly to get these done already is the rainbow sock yarn from Knit Picks- which I ordered more of, taking me up to 6 skeins. (Seemed to be the right call too… it looks like it’s close to selling out on the website!)


Aren’t the colors pretty? The yarn is soft and I’m just DYING get at this already. I’m hoping this yarn will be my first pair of toe up socks… I think the striping will be perfect and a fun way to learn this new technique. (That’s the summer challenge for the MiL and I this year… learn “toe up”.)

Anyways- I’m keeping this blog short… less blather more “get at ‘er” and I'm going to try and squeeze out the last few picot stitches. I can't wait for something new...

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Mary said...

I just love the rainbow sock yarn. Looking forward to seeing it made up into socks this summer!