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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Strong Am I With the Force

My parents recently invested in a security system for my sister, to replace the table leg with giant screw poking out of it she had, affectionately remembered as "Spike".


Yes, that's an aluminum bat, sometimes the "classics" are the best in home security. My sister, who lives alone and just feels better with this addition kicking around her house, was please that she was able to find a Spike replacement. Except, cozying up to an aluminum bat at night just isn't the warm fuzzy feeling she was looking for. So, knowing I cannot resist any requests from her regarding knitted items, she called me.

Her: "Can you make me a bat cozy?"
Me: "Huh!?"
Her: "The bat mom and dad bought me is ugly, it needs something, think you could knit it a cozy?"
Me: "Sure!"

This last week, while on her vacation, I knit my sister's baseball bat a cozy. (I tend to knit the crazinest stuff while she's on vacation!) Here's the challenge; since the bat would be used as a weapon of self defensive, I couldn't just knit it a cozy, your grandma makes for toliet paper covers. This cozy needed a certain level of "bad ass-ness" that says "DO NOT MESS WITH ME" but is also cuddly enough to sleep next to at night.


Obviously Yoda is the only answer here. (It also helps if you and your sister are MASSIVE Star Wars nerds.)


Pattern: Yoda Golf Club Cover by Tracey Rediker
Yarn: Various acrylics kicking around the leftovers in my and MiL's stashes
Needles: US size 7 DPN's
Notes: This pattern is modified to accomodate the bat. I cast on 28 stitches and periodically tried the tube on around the bat, modifying instructions to fit the bat snuggly. The bottom stretches enough to get over the top of the bat, so my sister can remove the cozy if she feels the need to really, REALLY hurt someone. (Hopefully this bat will only ever serve to look cute in her bedroom and won't be something she ever needs.)


The geek in me could not help but love this project, and while there seems to be a never ending supply of projects in various states of completetion waiting to be finished around here, I couldn't prevent myself from taking a quick time out to knit this. So- for geeks everywhere, I think it's important to remember, Strong Am I with the (knitting) Force!


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! - MIL

Gaby said...

Strong but lovely!!!

I showed it to one of my sons :)
Recently I've knitted a R2D2 hat for him

redlinc said...

OMG I love what you did with my pattern! i wish i had thought of it :)