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Monday, December 13, 2010

In Which I've Learned Nothing

Apologies for brief blog intervals. This December has been chock full of Christmas events to attend. Sadly, these events leave very little room for actual knitting time, not to mention even less time for blogs. Thankfully, we had an early dismissal today for our company Christmas party, (yes, it's on a Monday... don't ask) so I managed to squeeze in a little post here.

Hey?! Remeber that time I decided that I had too many things on the needles and I needed to close some circles? Well, apparently I've didn't learn anything from that... because I cast on a pair of mittens, simply because I could not wait to to do so any longer.


I just wanted a small project to tote around with me since the other projects have gotten quite huge. These are going to be the Fletcher Mittens when they're done- and I'm hoping to also make a matching ear muff warmer thingy. (I think that's the technical term for those.)

I felt slightly less guilty than I normally do when I cast on a project admist other projects, because a large portion of the white blanket (OF NEVER ENDING MONOTONY) is actually finished. I've cast this blanket off and the ends are woven in. (Apologies for these photos... it's December in Canada, we're lucky to have 10 minutes of natural light!)


Now all that means is picking up the stitches for the edging to make the edges look less frightful than they do currently.


YIKES! Those are some ugly borders right now! I'd love to finish this blanket before 2010... it needs to be finito, because I want to make January the month for a big squishy sweater.

So yes, there is still knitting to be had around these parts, even though it happens less often than normal. Not to worry- I have 2 weeks off over Christmas, I'm hoping that things will be flying off the needles then!

Hoping your Christmas schedules are allowing you some time to knit too....


Anne B. said...

It looks lovely! I get the week after Xmas off, let me know if you want to knit together, I'll be trying to get a whole bunch of stuff done as well.

Anonymous said...

"Not learning" seems to be going around. I finished the Robin's Egg Diamonds and promptly cast on a pair of Monkey socks!!!