It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, January 17, 2011


My cries for help have been answered. And, without even reading my blog, my husband has staged an intervention on the blanket.

I’ve spoken here a few times how I’m very fortunate to have a husband that, while he does not knit or express any interest in learning, takes a keen interest in what I’m doing and offers thoughtful and helpful suggestions when asked. He knows the difference between garter stitch and stocking stitch and has given me thoughtful knitting gifts such as the Addi Clicks I got this Christmas and the much coveted Signature Needles DPN’s from last year. This is a man who once spent an entire New Years helping me create a graph for a Chinese symbol for the family, so that I could knit a blanket for friend’s new baby.

He has also, from time to time, been the voice of reason when I’m trying to convince myself there isn’t a problem, by gently, but firmly, confirming my worst nightmare that something is in fact wrong. I trust my husband’s opinion, and while there are going to be times we don’t agree, I value the input he injects into my projects. The husband has impeccable taste (*insert “he married me” joke here*), and so his comments are taken with every bit of consideration that they deserve and often times he gets me thinking in a new, and often better direction.

I got up early on Sunday am and I began swatching the Rider symbol, and found myself sorely disappointed with the results. I was utterly frustrated, because I didn’t know how to improve upon it and I didn’t want to waste a bunch of time “designing”. (I just need to knit the damn thing.) I stared at the Stapms chart for a long time and my brain couldn't figure out what I needed to do to reverse the logo. At this point husband felt it was safe to speak up; “I think you’re over-complicating it with the Stamps and Riders logos- what’s wrong with footballs and the baby’s initials?”

The answer is nothing. Nothing is wrong with that idea. He even went further to suggest color choices and wouldn't you know it, that afternoon I found myself in Gina Brown's, buying Berroco's cotton/nylon blend yarn and by the end of the night cast on to begin.



It'll be pretty, but simple. The brown squares will have footballs, the middle square will have a "Z" for Zachary and the blue squares will be simple, plain, (FAST!) stocking stitch. It might not be as big as the usual blankets but it will still look great. I'm beginning to suspect that his announcements about "not knowing anything about knitting" are a ruse. This is someone who is learning a lot about the craft through osmosis. Who knows- maybe by the time we retire he'll have his very own pattern book out and we'll all be swooning over his patterns!?

... um, maybe not. But- it's nice to know that I've married someone who is a) not afraid to speak up in the face of sheer lunacy and b) someone who has a great eye and insightful ideas.

Thanks for the intervention babe- I'm feeling a little more saner than I was this weekend! :-)


Jocelyn said...

Know how we always knit the same projects in parallel? I received Sig dpns for Christmas that year too.

And I have a yarn store here named Gina Browns!?

Jocelyn said...


I totally left that comment thinking I was reading another girls blog.

Bwaha! Joce Fail!!