It has been since I last bought yarn!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Missing Mojo

I got an email from faithful blog reader and fellow Knitwit Mary today- wondering if I was ok, because the blog had gone a little silent there for a bit. With the blankets off the needles and a new sweater to tempt me- you should have been seeing nearly daily updates of me excitedly telling you about what was new.

But... you haven't. And as I told Mary, I have no excuse. Life is not inordinately busy, there is nothing keeping me from getting my knitting hours in. Nothing keeping me, but ME. Folks we have a case of missing knit mojo here. I just don't feel like knitting.

I KNOW!?!?! I'm just as upset about it as you are! Maybe it's all the blankets, or the books don't have me as glued to my seat or something or this odd bright thing in the sky people are calling the sun?!? I just don't know. I'm just not feeling it. Last night I watched television without knitting. I will say that again so you understand the severity of the situation. I. WATCHED. TELEVISION. AND. DID. NOT. KNIT. I cannot remember a time when I have done this.

There is very small progress to show you. The hat for March is complete as part of the hat pact:


And the left front of the Fireside sweater has seen progress.


(Although over-achiever me has decided to add considerable length to this sweater so we should expect a freak out in the next month or so when I run out of yarn thanks to this decision.)

What really frightens me is that it's the end of March. It's the end of March and I've not completed one project for Stampede this year. I had planned to enter 2. At the moment I will be lucky if I enter 1! Not to mention I'm going to lose 2 weeks prior to Stampede when we go to Italy (!!!!!!!!!!!) which we just booked today. So what I'm really saying here is I need my mojo back. ASAP.

So- if you see my knitting mojo lying around, give it a swift kick and tell it to mosey on back over my way. I need it to get this sweater done. I need it to get ANYTHING done. I just need it back.


Anonymous said...

Tv and NO KNITTING? Have you seen a doctor about this? Oh dear. You are definitely in need of desperate mojo intervention. I'll think good thoughts in your direction!

Anonymous said...

I am about to faint... You haven't knitted much! Come on girl! I'd be lost if I don't have anyone to follow and see what you're up in your neck of the woods. You do inspire me and I have been following your blog for at least 6 months and I love everything you made... Do I need to send the Knitting Police!?! Get in the knitting groove, will ya!!