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Sunday, February 5, 2012

2 Down!

Okay, so it's not the end of January as I originally hoped to finish Parker's blanket but it's close and I'll take the win!

Parker's blanket is currently blocking and should be ready for a few glamour photos later this week. (Bonus... the baby will model it!) Special thanks to MiL, who came over Wednesday afternoon to hold the baby so I could get a little uninterrupted knitting time. Then she brilliantly suggested that if I could finish it (I made it to the border) by Saturday we could block it at her place when I was there for lunch. BRILLIANT. And so, with special thanks to MiL and cousin Kim I now have blanket pinned and drying!

blanket block

Saturday was also awesome as FiL was looking for a little baby time while we were visiting- so HE held the baby (and expertly put him to sleep might I add) and I got to pick up project #3 in the finishing pile. Remember the Nebula socks?


I'm so excited to get back to working on these- they are just STUNNING, plus I want something small to knit for a change. (Extra bonus- it's Wollmeise!) I'm hoping that I can finish these in February and tackle the very daunting sweater next.

I must admit there's a little part of me that wants to abandon the finishing plan, pull out the sock yarn and have a sock knitting marathon- yesterday's knitting session was just so SATISFYING. But... this is the year to get some things off the unfinished object pile and feel good.

Finishing feels SO GOOD people! Stay tuned for glamour shots coming soon.

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J from Paradise said...

Youre blanket looks gorgeous as always! how long did you end up making it?!?!?! i love these socks also. maybe i shall make some for myself sometime soon. :)