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Sunday, July 8, 2012


Let's get right to the chase today- THE FIRESIDE SWEATER IS DONE.


Pattern: Fireside Sweater by Amber Allison (Ravelry link) size small
Yarn: Valley Yarns Berkshire in "Oatmeal 02"
Needles: US 10
Notes: I added an additional 4 inches to this sweater because I like them long.  The sleeves are also pretty long- which I also like, because I have these ridiculously gangly long arms and very few sweaters ever fit in the arms right.  I also left the stitches live on the shoulder and bound them off together using 3 needle bind off.  NOTE TO SELF: ALWAYS do this, the shoulder seams look FANTASTIC.  I copped out and also used 3 needle bind off on the neck- if I had attempted to kitchner it, I'm not sure we'd have a finished sweater today.  I'm 90% happy with the way this turned out, my only disappointments are a) I should have knit the smaller size because this still fits big and b) I don't love the side seams- the left side, for whatever reason, has this noticeable jog that just doesn't look right.


This sweater is thick- and bulky... and not exactly right for the current heat wave we're experiencing. I couldn't even bring myself to do a photo shoot outside because I would have melted into a puddle of alpaca and wool.  In fact this sweater is bulky and warm it might be perfect AS A COAT in -25 weather!  I probably will wear this more for fall outdoor weather truthfully than an "inside" sweater because even on the inside, in the AC, I was SWEATING like crazy in this thing.


I will say this.  It's good to have this albatross off my neck.  The guilt is gone on working on other items because this is officially, 100% finito!

This, people, is a PRODUCTIVE blog post because the sweater isn't the only thing that's finished... check out these Kai Mai socks!


Pattern: Kai Mei by Cookie A
Yarn: Wollmeise Pure 100% Merino Superwash in "Hollerstaud'n"
Needles: US 1
Notes: These are a great "mindless" knit.  As long as you have stitch markers reminding you to make decrease and make 1, you should be golden.  I love the slant in the pattern and the way it comes accross the toe.  My only disappointment here is that once I blocked these, they became baggy in the leg.  I should have left the 3x3 ribbing unblocked... oh well, that shouldn't be too hard to go back to.


As usual, the Wollmeise was a pleasure to knit with, I love the color saturation and the yardage- I have a TONNE of leftovers.  Maybe even enough for another simple sock!


Finishing these two items meant I got to continue on with the "Summer of Socks" (and/or, small items).  I immediately cast on the Snowflake Lace Socks that I have been admiring for years.  I'm a making a few mod's on the pattern, including adding a picot cuff.  I'm mildly worried about the stretchy-ness of the lace pattern... and may decide to rip out everything I've done and drop down a needle size.  But for now, they are cast on and the "project du jour".


The only other thing sitting in the hopper is the adorable "sheep hat" which is all knit, it just needs to be sewn up.  Hopefully I'll be inspired to sew on the pieces soon.  It would be such a shame to not sew it in time and miss out on the super cute model, WHO IS NOW CRAWLING (OMG!!!!!), I've got "in residence".


I've also committed to knitting in the "Ravellenic Games" during the Olympics but let's discuss that a little later.  For now- we celebrate that this blog has become a place where I talk about FINISHING things again!


Mags said...

*favourites all the things* :D

Jocelyn said...

hahaha. Luf you. Congrats - the sweater is beautiful.

Do you want sock yarn? I'm destashing HARD.