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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Catching Up

As I said in my last post- things were a little busy in that last part of August.  We left for a little California sunshine on Aug 22, and I don't really like to announce our vacations on the blog... especially since a 1/3 of my house was already boxed up- that's like doing have the work for a thief!  I took a little knitting with me on the trip...


These will be the Belarique socks by (Spilly Jane Knits)- and (surprise?) they're going to be for my dad, for Christmas... I think.  Now that wee Parker isn't as "wee" as he used to be, travelling with him was quite different.  I managed to only knit a cuff on my entire vacation... but I'll take the win!

We got back to Calgary on Aug 30 in the evening.  We took posession of our new house on Aug 31, and with the tremendous help from our parents, we moved and unpacked my kitchen that day.  (As well as packed the rest of the house.)  On Sept 1, our movers showed up and we moved in.  From that point on it was a flurry of unpacking, organizing and reveling in our new space.  One FAB perk to the new space?  I have a knitting cabinet all to myself... for all my knitting/crafting supplies.  I love it so much!


So, yes, that left me with very little knitting time.  The good news is that things are slowly coming back to normal and I even finished knitting a hat last night!

Yes, that would be my first "knitting related news"- I've decided to knit 12 hats again.  I had refrained from committing earlier in the year because I didn't know how much time I'd have to devote to charity with the baby... but now that we have a schedule (MOMMY WIN!) I can absolutely squeeze a few hats in here and there.  I've decided to bust some acrylic stash- and set a few boundaries.  All of the hats will be purple (to stash down what I have) but they all must be in a different stitch pattern.  No stitch patterns the same!  I've completed 4 so far...  (I have until Dec 31 to finish)


Also on the "to finish" pile are the "Victory Mittens"- that just need thumbs, so I should hopefully get those off the needles soon.


With the air cooler, I think it's safe to say that fall is soon returning.  (I'm actually cheering for a frost right now as I have a wasp situation in my backyard, rendering it un-useable at the moment.  I am assured that once we have a frost, the wasps will be gone.  So, COME ON FROST... and then go away for a long time.)  There's another baby (not me this time!) due in November which I'd like to knit a blanket for- so I think it's time to put an end to my "hiatus" on the big projects and begin planning that.  Plus, I still want to make MITTENS like a fiend, so there are probably going to be a few more of those showing up.

I'm feeling excited for fall- it's primo knitting time! (PLUS- I have a FIREPLACE and is there anything more quaint and cosy than curling up next to a fireplace and knitting?!  I think not!!)

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