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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thick or Thin?

Alright I'm crowd sourcing!

As I mentioned last blog- one of my goals is to whittle away at my ever growing "excess" left over situation.  One of the ideas I had was to do a blanket.  Since I'm far to anal retentive to go "random stripe", I gathered together similar colors and came up with a "scheme".

Here's what's I'm working with:


Here's what I came up with:



Here's where I need your input:

Do you prefer the THICKER STRIPE (between the blue and purple) or the THINNER STRIPE (between the purple and grey) of yellow to break up the colors.  (Bear in mind that I will more than likely crochet a YELLOW border around the whole thing when it's complete.)

Poll closes on Jan 6- stay tuned for what I end up doing!  Thanks for your input!

In other plan details- I've decided NOT to do a garter border on each side, I don't like how it changes the shape and since there will be a crochet border anyways, it just works to leave it.  I'll do a crochet cast on in the same color to give myself a nice and easy border to crochet with later.

(The point of this project is to bust out some leftover stash... so I'm only using stuff that are directly in my stash right now- and not planning to buy anything to balance.  Yes- I wish the lighter grey was lighter...  but too bad.  It's going out of the stash so I will use it!)

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Even steven! Now which way will you go? Mil