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Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Can Make That...

The problem with being crafty, is that you often get cocky about your ability.  And pretty soon, what was supposed to be a simple project can take over your life by uttering these 4 words, "I can make that".

I should have further progress on the blanket for you today, (maybe even DONE) but instead I got a little distracted.  What I wanted to find was a small travel size magnet board for my son to play with on our insanely long flight to Maui.  (7 hours flight + 16 month old = SEND BOOZE!)  That ballooned from there and one minute later, MiL had the perfect suggestion- a felt board.  It was a great idea.  Except it threw my focus off.



I have this to show for it.  (MiL has also been distracted making felt items for my son too- so this was a fairly slippery slope.)

The entire alphabet and some cute farm animals.  I used a free template for the alphabet, but ended up finding some cartoon animals on google and improvising the animal ones.  I'm so utterly charmed by the way they've turned out I want to make more animals!  Zoo animals!  Circus animals!  Dogs!  Sheep! (Parker loves "woofs" and "baa baa's".)  But I'm trying to stop myself.  I need to not get carried away here.

As if that wasn't distracting enough- I also veered off last week and knit an adorable lion finger puppet for a friend who was needing a little extra courage for an unpleasant appointment she had.

Meet "Courage" the lion!


Pattern: Jelly Bums Lion by Raynor Gellatly (I made the finger puppet version)
Yarn: Scraps in the leftover bin... it's all worsted weight acrylic.
Needle: US 3
Thoughts: This is a great pattern!  The mane itself is INGENIOUS!  I literally had to stop myself from saying "I"m going to make Parker a whole collection of finger puppets."  I'm still threatening to that!  Then farm animals!  Then Circus animals!  Then Zoo animals!  (NOW... would be the time to stage an intervention people- this post is CLEARLY a cry for help!)

Untitled UntitledUntitledUntitled

I need to stop getting these great ideas and veering off from the plan!  I need to finish this blanket!


Yes, it has seen progress.  It's just going to be a little blanket I'm afraid- but the pattern still has me completely charmed and when I AM working on it, I'm not at all bored.  In fact the fact that I haven't made more felt items and knit more finger puppets is due to the fact that I actually really enjoy working on this blanket.  Pictured above is the blanket beginning ball 8/9.  My goal is to have this done soon- no later than the end of March.

I need to have that blanket done because I did something "wild" and ordered yarn for my Stampede Project.  I'm worried it's more than I can chew already, but I need to do something "great" and I feel like this is going to get me there.

Hopefully I'll be able to get back on "task" here and forge ahead- there's just too many great things to make out there to get behind!

(Oh people... I came so close to giving up on knitting and just making felted quiet books- they are SO cute and there are so many great ideas... but I really don't need to add another hobby to the list right now!)


Anonymous said...

The animals are sooo cute. P will have fun with them. You're right, a bit of a slippery slope.

Debbie1085 said...

You might be interested in doing this dog/doghouse for Parker when this book comes out. Take a look at the video...
This designer also has another book you can make Wee Sheep or Ma Sheep and Farm dog for your son. Just thought I would let you know.

Rebecca Mongrain said...

Those look like very good and fun distractions!