It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, June 24, 2013


My last post I wailed on about hating my Stampede project, about being totally miserable and just ready for it to be finished.  I acted like I was the most miserable, suffering person in Calgary.

And then...
flood 1flood 4csflood
(THESE ARE NOT MY PHOTOS... they are taken from Google image.... I did not take these photos!)

Suddenly a stupid blanket doesn't mean much does it?

Somewhere in those pictures is a zoo (underwater), many friend's homes, (underwater), the Stampede grounds themselves (underwater).  The rivers are not supposed to look like this.  100,000 people evacuated from their homes.  These were photos on Friday morning, after the waters crested.  Thankfully most of the water has receded now and people are getting in and trying to clean up and rebuild as quickly as possible.*

A blanket means nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Especially when OUR HOME is 100% okay, and didn't see water.  2 blocks from my house there were flood waters, but my street is dry and remained dry.  Hell, I'm one of few downtown Calgary dwellers that still even have power.  I HAVE SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR RIGHT NOW.  A stupid blanket means NOTHING.  Not enjoying myself while knitting it means NOTHING.

And so, with little fanfare, I have to also tell you it's finished.  (And yes, the Stampede and the Western Showcase is STILL ON.  I'm still dropping this puppy off on Wed... somehow...)


Pattern: Bunny Blanket by Amy Bahrt
Yarn(s): Cascade 220 Superwash Sport colors 1914 (blue), 802 (green), 817 (cream), 826 (orange)
Needle: US 5
Thoughts: I've already complained enough about this blanket.  There is nothing wrong with this pattern, you just have to like knitting with bobbins and weaving in ends.  I found out I like neither of these things.  I will say it's a very cute project but also not practical.  Sadly, 3 months of effort and I can't really give it to anyone... as all of the "3D" aspects of the blanket make it impossible to wash.  Impossible to wash = not a good baby gift.

It was painful to knit but it is insanely cute....


And for those of you, like me, who like to see the "other side" of things... I give you the blanket on the reverse...


I won't lie.  I am SO. SO. RELIEVED this is done.  I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to get it the BMO building (around all of the road closures) on Wed. 

So now, as I'm finally free to knit what I'd like... I'm left just to reflect just how damn fortunate I am that I have a dry house (currently under construction...) and the time to knit on things that are not this blanket.

*Calgary has proven itself to be a simply amazing city- the way I've seen people help others, complete strangers mostly, is truly heartwarming.  I am so proud of our little big city and the way we handled this.  *GROUP HUG!*


Anonymous said...

Jen: I know you complained so much about this afghan but I think it came out BEAUTIFUL and very CUTE! All that hard work you did paid off! I love the way it turned out. You did a fantastic job! In my opinion YOU deserve a 1st place ribbon! Love it!!


Jan said...

It's a WONDERFUL gift -- to hang on the wall!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing work! And, the perspective is right on... we all have much to be thankful for.

Somewhat biased,
Dad & Mom J

Anonymous said...

It is amazing! Good work. I'd give it a first prize. Isn't it strange how we need an event like the flood to remind us how blessed we are.

Anonymous said...

Awesome as a wall hanging!! Lots of love going to everyone that was hit by the floods in Calgary.