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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's Not Knitting - and It's SUPER Nerdy

As mentioned a few days ago what I've been working on as of late, is NOT a knitting project.  That is highly, HIGHLY unusual for me.  My sister and I began this project when I was pregnant, thinking we'd have lots of time to finish it and have Parker enjoy it.  Of course, once my little man came, I was just greatful to squeeze any craft time in and often times knitting took priority.  Lately though, I catch myself thinking he'd REALLY enjoy this book and actually get a lot out of it.  And finally I just decided to stop everything else and finish this project.

Guys, I couldn't be more happy with the results.  It's very rare that I diverge from the knitting, but this was so delightfully nerdy and awesome, I was happy to change up the routine.  Before I show you this, I should probably out myself; I am a die hard, unapologetic, geek to the nth degree.  I have no shame.  There is a very special place in my heart for Star Wars.  I love those movies.  LOVE THEM.  I make no apologies for loving them.  When I saw this project I just knew, KNEW, Parker HAD to have this.

Without further ado- I give you, the JEDI QUIET BOOK.  (Designed by the brilliant Julie Gillrie who is a far, FAR better and more patient embroidery person than I'll ever be.)

Page 1: Title Page!  (Done by my sister!)


Page 2: What a perfect, PERFECT beginning to a movie, and a Quiet Book!


Page 3: Save your friends from the death star.... just looks like an ordinary, (badly embroidered), death start right?




Your friends, who happen to be finger puppets, are inside!  (The pattern had Yoda, not Chewy on this page, and as the designer noted, Yoda was never on the death star.  Since I believe everything in life is improved with addition of a Wookiee, I improvised a little and made the Chewy puppet up.)  I may, or may not make the Han and Leia puppets kiss all the time.

Page 4: Sadly this does not fit my hand.... but it fits Parker's!



Page 5: This is going to be Parker's FAVORITE page, I can tell you this already.  He is OBSESSED with zippers.  My mom helped my sew this in (zippers + me = tragedy) so it should stand up to sturdy play.



Page 6: Thankfully Julie thought to PG up Leia's slave girl outfit.  She's still cute!



Page 7: Ooo look!  More bad embroidery!  (But I think you can still get the idea!)



Page 8: Here's where I diverged from the pattern a little bit.  I like the idea of learning different skills with a quiet book, and I saw a few page ideas with spelling kids names.  I decided to use Julie's pattern for Luke, but come up with my own activity instead.  I even downloaded a Star Wars font to use to get the "Parker" to look just right.



Page 9: Again here's where I completely did my own thing.  Parker is really into counting right now.  These little grey blobs, (which are supposed to be Millennium Falcons), can be matched up to the right star system.  Thinking about it in hindsight I wonder if I should have mixed up the numbers- but I guess it's too late for that now.



Page 10: The original pattern called for just "The End"- I took a little creative liscense and took it a bit further.


So there you have it.  I'm really, REALLY pleased with how this turned out, despite my poor embroidery skills.  I'd like to thank: my mom, who sewed up the pages for me, installed the zipper and did a bit of the title page embroidery.  My sister who cut out a tonne of felt pieces and helped me get this finished, despite how much she HATES crafting.  Also my glue gun, because if I have to sew as much as this book called for, I'd be on the floor weeping right now.

And now... NOW- I can get back to my knitting!!

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