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Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm Still Knitting Stuff

So now that we've talked about Vogue Knitting and stash, it's time I caught you up to what I've actually been working on these past 3 weeks.

Firstly, there were 2 more hats, one I completed before Seattle and one I completed when I got home.


Hats were about all I could digest because the Stampede project was just draining me on creativity.  I know I wanted to get the design finalized before the end of the month but I'm not there yet.  I'm close.  I'm hoping by the end of this week I'll get there, but I'm not there yet.  There has been so much work, and so many pages of graph paper it's staggering.  I really didn't think it was going to take this much effort and time, but it has.  On the upside I'm feeling really good about what I've done and I'm glad I didn't rush.  On the downside all of this work and I can't show you any of it.  At least not now.  I promise an ENORMOUS post of pictures when I can reveal to you what I've been working on.  (And a few sneaky peeks once the actual cast on and knitting part starts.)  I'm hoping to cast this on mid to late April, I want this design to marinate for just a little bit longer to ensure I've 100% happy.

I did, to take the edge off, also cast on a little project that is just TOO TOO cute.  My little Easter surprise isn't so much a surprise anymore.


I'm not sure why, because there is really very little left on this project other than the shorts and a cute little cotton tail, but I can't seem to get myself over the finish line to finish this.  It would probably take me a day (naptime/post bedtime) of knitting to get there, but I can't seem to commit to finishing.  

Part of this lack of commitment is because I started something else and I'm really into it right now.  

Untitled Untitled

This is my first Circular blanket I've ever knit- and it's going to be so pretty.  I used my Pudding gift cards to get a really fantastic, squishy yarn to knit with and this little blanket has been just flying off my needles.


Once I got past the cast on on this blanket, I've been really engaged and interested to see it grow.  I'm at 288 stitches right now and just starting section #3.  Progress has slowed down a little since there are so many stitches to knit through.  It's going to get even worse for section #4, where there are double the 288 stitches and I'll be knitting FOREVER.  (I'm hoping to have my mitten to take the edge off the painful knitting parts.)  This blanket needs to be done mid May for the baby it's intended for- and at this rate, I should be able to meet that goal pretty well.

Other than that- I also squeezed in a charity blanket section and got another skein of acrylic out of my stash!  YAY.  The theme of the blanket was "Chocolate Indulgence" and I knit my section to look like a big candy bar.

So yes, March has been  busy a month over here.  I'm hoping April will give me a few finished objects to show off- but it's nice to have so many little things to work on, other than just a big blanket.  Stay tuned there will be much to see!

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