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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3's The Charm...

As I mentioned in my last post I'm knitting mittens for my son's VERY patient pre-school teacher for a gift at Christmas.  As usual, we've hit a snag.

I'm insanely good at denial.  I tell myself, "I'm over-reacting", that "it will block out to size" or other stupid things that make me knit waaaaaay more than I intend.  I knit an entire mitten...


And when I tried it on, it fit tightly.  It had always fit tightly, for some reason I told myself it's okay.  I had my mother in law try them on and they didn't fit her hands.  I knew.  I knew then that I had to go up a needle size. *


The problem with the blue-y green yarn I'm using is that it doesn't lend itself very nicely to frogging.  So ripping out the mitten wasn't the answer.  The answer was to start again.


And so I did.

(Bigger needle size next to smaller needle size)

So by now I should have a completed pair of mittens and moving on to more exciting pastures... like MORE mittens.  But, instead, I'm beginning the 3rd mitten. I've also told myself, if there's enough yarn, that I'll finish the tiny mitten too and give it to my sister, who has teeny tiny hands. 

And if all that extra knitting wasn't enough... I've hit a snag in my pattern and there seems to be a missing stitch, so I'm probably going to have to go back a few rows in order to discover where and what I went wrong with.  UGH.

And so, because suddenly this mitten is a giant pain in the ass I'm knitting that little bunny pattern like a fiend, excited by that project instead.  

Oh she's going to be cute!  Her little boyfriend can hardly wait!

Also distracting me this month is some Halloween crafting... which I will reveal on Halloween but for now- here's a sneaky peek.  Can you guess what my son (who picked out what he'd like to be himself) is going to be?

* Aside... I'm also the creepy mom in Parker's class who is obsessively staring at poor Miss Jen's hands trying to ascertain if the mittens will fit.  Don't mind me... just checking out your hands!

** For those who asked last time- the mitten pattern is POLARIS (Ravelry link)

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lynn said...

They are all cute, you have amazing knitting skills.