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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Finishing Up Is Hard

Well, the ends are woven in and all that remains for me to do is to block the Tickled Purple blanket.  That also means a lovely "finished" photoshoot for this project is coming soon.  I have the blocking board but GAH the desire to actually block this project is SO LOW.  Someone come and make me block this thing! (At least the ends are all woven in... that's usually such a difficult hurdle for me to get past...)


I also got another charity blanket out the door- say hello to "fruit salad" and my section "banana".


Getting all this stuff done meant I could get back to work on the project I wanted to work on.... my mitten.  I'm always so jazzed to see it start coming together.  It's rather spiffy looking!!


So after I've said that I'm excited about the direction of the mitten I have to admit I'm bored and suffering from "second sock syndrome" only replace the word "sock" with "mitten".  I just don't want to cast on the 2nd one... I want to move on to more exciting things.... like this idea that I have for another pattern I'd design on my own.  GAH.  Finishing is hard y'all.

Once the mitten gets to a closer finished state I want to cast on another hat/bootie combo for the mom at preschool who's going to have her third little one in October.  I also really REALLY want to tackle my worsted weight stash situation and knit a sweater for myself this fall.  It'll mean digging into Ravelry and seeing what there is to knit.... I'm thinking cardigan but need to find the right one.

In the meantime.... there is summer to enjoy!


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