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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Snow Plowed

Hey.... weren't you grinding away at the knitting and promising progress?  Yes.  Yes I was.  But then the snow in the mountains was apparently "epic" so we got sidetracked with a last minute ski trip....


(It WAS good snow... and good skiing.. and I'm pretty sure nothing can compete with those views!)

The good news is, despite this little longer than planned blog break, I DO have progress to show you!  A third heart blanket it in the "finished pile" now!


Pattern: Baby Heart Blanket by Deborah O'Leary
Yarn: Lion Brand Pound of Love in "white" and "pastel pink"
Needles: US 9
Notes:  I decided to do all hearts this time and I really like how it turned out.  I. STILL. HAVE. MORE. of this stuff.  I'm not sure it's enough for an entire blanket but I'll try and use that up at some point this year.  Feels good to at least be CLOSE to a finish line on these giant balls of yarn.  I will say this... those balls have yardage for DAYS.


I also managed to hone in on some sock progress and have even started #2!


AND... the great news is that the weather is warming up... meaning the snow in the mountains isn't all that great anymore.  Less time devoted to skiing means MORE time devoted to knitting... so things are looking up!  Either way there should be more to show and say soon!  Stay tuned!

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