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Saturday, July 15, 2017

That's One Slow Ass Monster


Hey Jen how's the knitting slump?  "bout the same".  Can you tell?

Thing to admit #1:

Guys- this blanket in my "glory days" of knitting would have potentially taken me 2.5 weeks.  TWO. POINT. FIVE. WEEKS.  How long has this thing taken me?  Longer than I care to admit.  Long enough that the baby is BORN and I'm still dragging my butt on this.

Thing to admit #2:


The main part of this blanket knit up slow.  So. SLOW.  But in the end... it's actually kind of to the small size of how I knit these and I feel badly.  Will the receive-ee's of this blanket look at me and be like "you're phoning it in"?  It's cute... but it's also... to the small size.

Thing to admit #3:


I only have a few things left on this.  I am painfully close to being done.  Like eyes and some teeth and a quick foray into kitchner stitch to seal up these ears.  I could, potentially finish it this weekend.  I won't likely (because time... WHERE ARE YOU?)- but I could.  And the idea of moving on to something, anything else, is vastly appealing.

I'd like to knit something small next.  A quick "Oh yeah- I made that"- just to feel like I've accomplished something.  But the truth is at my current pace, I actually need to start another baby blanket for other friends due in Sept STAT... if I stand a chance if getting them the gift once baby is born.

I'm still here.  It's still happening.  I'm not going anywhere... just at an insanely slow pace.  I'm waiting the slump out.  At some point the desire and motivation to knit is going to hit me again and I'll take off... in the mean time I'm riding this out and hoping inspiration strikes soon.  Thanks for sticking with me guys... I appreciate it!

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