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Monday, August 28, 2017

Momentum Builds

GUYS!  I have mittens to show you!


Pattern: End of May Mittens by Mandy Powers
Yarn: Diamond Galway (5050 Turquoise) and Cascade 220 Superwash (white)
Needles: US 4
Notes:  I deviated from the pattern on the cuff and knit in a picot cuff, which I always thinks adds a pretty feminine touch.  I also decreased an extra row in the mitten at the end to close up less stitches together.



Why didn't anyone tell me about how quick and satisfying faire isle WORSTED mittens are?  I opted to go up a needle size and would potentially go up even higher.  I am a fairly tight stranded knitter (it's stressful!) and sometimes the mittens need more give than I'm knitting in them.  However that cannot stop me from how completely charmed I am by these!  It's a lovely pattern and I think I see more worsted/stranded mittens in the near future.

As if that wasn't a great way to start I even got MORE things done.  I finished up the toe on the first Maudie sock and cast on for the 2nd!


(Frustrating though, as I was taking this photo I found major issues in the cables where I screwed up so will be ripping back about 12 rows... boo.)

Aaaaaaand I made the commitment to a new blanket for a little baby due in November... and even cast on.


I won't tell you WHAT it is yet- but I will tell you I had to cast on 450 stitches.  It's a unique construction and I'm hoping that it's not going to make me crazy.  Also BONUS- used STASH YARN!

This is our last week of summer vacation.  It's back to school next week and I will fully admit that I'm looking forward to some uninterrupted knitting time.  I'm ready to get some things finished and keep building on the knitting.  Hope your summer is ending as warm and beautifully as ours is!

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The mittens are gorgeous!! MiL