It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, September 25, 2017


As the title would suggest we are well out of slump-ville these days.  In fact I kept putting off blogging (and various household "to do" list items) in favor of "just a few more rows".  I want to knit everything.  RIGHT NOW.  And quite frankly the fact that I can't just sit and knit and avoid all responsibilities I have is bumming me out.  I guess it's feast or famine with me.

The Granada blanket is growing!


We've gone from 450 stitches to a really reasonable 168.  And I must say, the whole idea that you go from a whole lot of stitches to a whole lot less stitches is bloody brilliant!  I feel like rows go so quickly now.  I'm about to start another cabled section and I'm hoping it's going to add some size to the blanket.  I have some concerns about the size of this thing... but I'm holding on to hope for blocking to rescue the day.

The poor neglected Maudie socks are no longer neglected!


In fact today I'm thinking I should probably take some time and just bang out the heel (always complicated) and get myself back to some easier knitting on the foot.  These are still lovely- and I've decided I'm keeping them.

I've also added to the stash....


I am OBSESSED with a sweater.  OBSESSED.  I tried it in on in a store in NYC and let's just say the only reason it didn't come home with me is I had a hard time swallowing the cost.  Especially since in general it's a fairly simple shape.  The yarn has to be thick and soft.  And I decided that going the Lion Brand route was both a) cost friendly and b) a safer bet in case this whole thing blows up in my face.

An intensive Ravelry and Pinterest search resulted in the closest option... a vintage pattern.  And whooo boy, it's so vintage the pattern requires MAJOR brain power just to follow it.  (The schematic makes my head hurt.)  I need to do some conversion on the thing since I want it to sit longer in the length (just above my knees) so I'm planning to sit down and figure it out from the top down... at least for the back part.  (I'll knit sleeves first in order to assess gauge, cuz I'm also lazy.)


I'm excited to take a bite out of this... especially since it's bulky yarn and shouldn't take me a terribly long time once I figure out what I'm supposed to do length wise.

Also- I want to knit ALL THE MITTENS... but I can't even wrap my head around that until I get some of these other things off my plate first.  But mittens... they are coming!  Prepare yourselves!

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