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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Squeaker

Let's get it done right out the gate today- I have another finished mitten to show off!


Pattern: Zimushka by Olga Beckmann
Yarn: Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted in 112 "Moonstone"
Needles: US 3
Notes: Lovely pattern and quite like how the cables decrease when it come to narrowing the hand. However- I found the mitten quite tight.  Next time I would go up a needle size... maybe even 2.


Because these knit up tightly (which thankfully stretched a bit after a wash) I'm a little concerned they can't really be gifted to anyone who doesn't have tiny hands.  So sister may find these in her stocking this year... just by default!  (I'm such a thoughtful gifter... haha)

Progress on the other mitten started quite strong.... but has fizzled.


For some reason I cannot motivate myself to finish up.  Nevermind that I have 8 days until I need to present this as a gift... 😵.. I'm having a hard time just sitting and knitting.  I forsee a few frantic nights in my future as I try to make up some lost time.

My days are busier than I'd like right now... with a million Christmas errands that need to be run- but I'm hoping Friday the weather is supposed to be somewhat "frightful" and I can potentially convince the kid a Christmas movie marathon is in order... while mommy knits like a speed demon!

To get you feeling "in the spirit" I leave you with this pic of my very excited kid meeting Santa.  There's a rumour at school that Santa "isn't real".  I know that it's going to happen at some point and I also have a bright and logical kid who is asking a lot of questions.  So, I'll enjoy this picture of him and "not the real Santa" as he informed me after.  {The Santa at the husband's Christmas party was deemed "the real deal" though... so am hoping that we get some mileage there.}


Wish me luck guys... I'm gonna need it this week!

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Jill Niemiec said...

Love the cabled mittens. Thank You for the link.