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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Winter Mode

Let's cut to the chase today- since you've waited patiently for an update...


The blanket is progressing!  It's currently at 23 inches in length.  The knitting part is still engaging to me and overall I'm happy with the progress.  It is doing the "cable suckage" thing a fair bit... meaning the cables are pulling it in considerably.  BUT I think that should sort itself out with some blocking.  HARD deadline on this is early March... since my mother could save me $$$ in shipping and deliver it in person with her planned visit.  Plus I'm gonna be ready for something new by then.  But this is a great pattern to knit and look at how everything just POPS off the blanket.

You've probably noticed I've been quiet.  We've been in full blown winter mode- trying to make the most of colder temps and the good snow.  The weekends are for skiing right now- it usually means I'm so tired at the end of the day I can't eek out any progress.  Weekdays are busy and rows don't collect as quickly as they used to.




I'm still gonna blog.  I'm still going to drop by here and tell you what I'm up to and what I'm working on... BUT I'm putting less stress on the update and more on the actual progress.  So instead of coming up with blog posts where there isn't much to say other than "still working on it"- I'm just gonna work on it.  I hope that's okay.

I'm not participating in the Olympic knitting this year... although I'm hoping that I will get a lot of knitting done while we watch.  I'm looking forward to watching the Olympics with my son and cheering for team Canada.  I also hope it motivates his skiing even further (he is doing so great!)- and he's excited to cheer for his country.

So there's where I'm at right now.  Maybe something new soon... a little girl is on her way (NOT ME) and I have an idea...

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