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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Summertime Knit Blues

It happens every summer. One minute it's chilly outside and cool and I'm inside knitting like a fiend and then warm weather comes out and I immediately put down the knitting. I don't abandon it entirely, (an addict never can), but I must say I do it considerably less than in the winter months. (Good thing Canda has a long winter...)

I just got back from our very relaxing Miami South Beach/Playa Del Carmen Cruise and I feel very relaxed. I didn't even take knitting, oddly enough, and it's a good thing too, because I doubt I would have worked on it. Now, however that I'm back, I'm looking around at what I need to knit and not feeling really excited.

I need a quick fix... a distraction from what actually needs to get done. My deadline for Tasha's baby blanket is quickly looming and I'm not even at the half way mark yet. And, the Nennie Sweater, while it needs to get done and worked on, I'm just not feeling motivated. Like at all. Like when I look at it, it drives me to the stash in search of other projects that will monopolize my time.

The weather is one thing, but I'm feeling a little messed up today also. As I mentioned, I was on a cruise- and for some reason since I've been back, I still feel like I'm rocking back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and aside from making me unbelievably dizzy, I'm also incredibly nauseous. Apparently this is a common cruise side effect and should disappear in a day or two. (PLEASE GOD EARLIER RATHER THAN LATER... I should not need dramamine to hang out in my apartment!) Also distracting me is a very sore arm, thanks to the Tetnus shot I got today. I have a funny little rash on my foot and while the doctor and I both think that it's nothing, she decided to error on the side of caution and suggested a Tetnus shot. My left arm is essentially un-useable at the moment because it hurts. (A side effect, interestingly enough, that is also supposed to last one or two days.)

Anyways, in the famous words of Mike Meyers: "WE HAVE A KNITTER DOWN"... I just hope I get back up soon.

So yes-- all those big knitterly plans I had for when I got back from the cruise are on hold, at least until the room stops spinning and my arm starts working again.

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