It has been since I last bought yarn!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Craving Pudding on my Yarn Diet

So the husband and I have been spending some time aquainting ourselves with our new neighborhood (as of Aug 3) and checking out all the great little stores and restaurants around our condo. At some point a while back someone told me that there was a yarn shop close to my house. After a quick little text to Google (I love the Googl text), I found out that close was an understatement. The yarn shop is, prepare yourself, A BLOCK AWAY. A block! Do you know how broke I'm going to be?

The husband, being rather indulgent to my yarn affair, suggested we take a quick peek inside to see what the store was like. Not only was it cute, and fairly priced, (very relieved, it's about the same as American prices), I spied a familiar label out of my eye. KOIGU. They just got KOIGU in TODAY... AND, they're getting more. As far as I know they are the only shop in Calgary to carry KOIGU... my first and only love... A BLOCK. AWAY. FROM. MY. HOUSE! (And here I thought that hoarding was going to be completely necessary while in the US.)

Pudding Yarn... I have a little crush on you right now.


eusebius said...

Welcome to Canada, the land of Koigu! :)

Anonymous said...

Knit One Chat Too also sells Koigu (or at least they did last year when I bought some)!

Rycrafty said...

I just clicked over to your blog from Ravelry (I'm Rycrafty there too), and guess what? I live 4 blocks from Pudding Yarn!

You're doing better than me, it took me at least 4 months before I found out it was there. And I go to that Blockbuster all the time, so I don't know how I missed it....