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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Parlez Vous Francaise?

This past Christmas my MiL (from now on Mother-in-Law will be known as MiL on here) and I checked out the Boxing Day Sale at Make 1 Yarn Studio in Calgary. Our intention was only to go and see what the store was like, but three and a half hours later, high on yarn fumes, we left with several purchases attributed to our credit card. Yarn was procured at awesome discounts and we were practically giddy going from shelf to shelf, fondling the merino wools and enjoying the reduced prices.

One could argue that we may have not been thinking entirely clearly, so taken with happy yarn feelings, when looking at the book we purchased. MiL and I both purchased a cute baby pattern book from Phildar... entirely in french. Yes. We knew it was in french when we bought it. The book was $2 and the patterns were so cute that we convinced ourselves that a little time on the internet could help us procure an English translation to the pattern.

It wasn't until this summer, when I brought the book home with the intention of translating the pattern and knitting it did we realize that we may have bitten a little more off than we can chew. An email was sent to Phildar, and they sadly let us know that, no, there was not an English version of this particular book available. And so... feeling brave, we hit the internet to look for french-english knitting translations.

We did actually find a pretty good resource, (Chez Plum- a goddess if there ever was...) and have been slowly making progress on the pattern. Slow being the operative word here. I'm sure there will be more developments in a few days, and hopefully a back knit up soon... but I must say it's been interesting so far. The French seem to make a pattern more complicated than it is, (my humble opinion only), especially since instead of specifying a knit or purl, they say to knit on the wrong side (presumably purl) or the right side (presumably knit). I'm glad I didn't think to attempt this before being WELL familiar with English knitting patterns as this could have been even more difficult.

Will keep you posted on pattern translation!

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Joanne said...

Moi, je parle fran├žais, mais pas beaucoup sauf quand on visite les parents de mon marie.

(I speak (and read and write) french, but not very often except when we visit my husband's parents'.)

So if you need a hand I could take a look
- Joanne (l-j-er)