It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I See Progress!

It was like the universe wanted me to blog today. Work wasn't busy so I got to leave early, the sun was shining when I get home so I could take pictures and there was, afterall SOMETHING to show you.

Fireside progress continues. Not a break neck pace mind you... but it continues.


That is a lovely right front side of the sweater. There is a newly inspired motivation to move along with this project as I want to start something else. (SHOCKING!) I bought the yarn for my Stampede Project this year and I want to get that under way.


BUT, as a motivational tool, I'm not allowed to even LOOK at the yarn or the pattern until I have a right side, left side and a back side of a sweater completed. Since my fingers are itching to cast on... I'm hoping that's the kind of motivation I need to devote any and all non-work hours to this project! (It helps that hockey playoffs start on Wed and we'll be hanging around the old tube to see what happens there anyways.)

I also did my section for the WCOBB blankets this weekend. This blanket has a special theme- Super Heroes! We collectively decided to do the "Justice League" and so I knit my section- BATMAN.


Not bad eh? (Although it is evident that my intarsia skills leave much to be desired. I'm hoping whatever kid gets this doesn't look up at his mom and say "mom- this lady's intarsia skills aren't all that great!)

Since the only reason that I'm off early is that I'll have to work later tonight (*sigh*) I'm going to quit gabbing on here and get back to knitting on a right side of a sweater! Ciao!

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Mary said...

Wow! The blanket looks amazing...