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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Slow But Steady....

Well- as me and sweaters usually go- progress is moving slowly. BUT there is progress to share so it was time to update you on where I was at with this sweater.


Viola! Two fronts and just under half a back! NOT BAD. I would really like to capitalize on the long weekend (as I have thus far) and finish the back soon. I am beginning to get antsy about yarn amounts, as usual, right now I'm knitting on ball 6 out of 10. I imagine I will have to crack into ball 7 before the back is done- which could or could not leave me enough for sleeves.

I'm quite charmed with the decreases in the back and the way the cable starting curving together.


Yeah for interesting pattern writing!

But that's not all on the needles! I got around to knitting my April hat for the Knit Wits Hat Pact- and I thought it turned out pretty cute and springy!


And, if that wasn't enough to show for, I've also invested myself in the sock.


My lunch time knitting dates with Merlperp (and special guest KnittingWater and adorable Althea!) have picked back up again and when I pulled out the neglected purse sock- I realized that I actually really liked the project. So, in effort to not give up on socks entirely- I have committed to one hour a day to knit the sock. Sure, this is going to slow up the sweater progress a little- but one hour does see a lot of progress in the sock. PLUS- if I'm ever going to get through my sock yarn stash I need to make a time commitment or it will just grow and never shrink.

Speaking of stash- I'm happy to report that after getting out six balls, thus far, of wool out of the bin- the drawer now opens easily and without challenge. I still have a ways to go for stashing down- but knowing I'm one drawer with a smooth open, helps keep motivate to continue to stash down!

Hope your Easter's are just as productive as mine!

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Anonymous said...

I haven't got time to knit that cardi, but I REALLY want to knit that cardi! Temptress!

I hope you have enough yarn. It'd be such a shame to run out after putting in all that work :(